Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode Update: Kashvi’s Surprising Request – 20th June 2023

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: A Shocking Revelation and Kashvi’s Bold Demand”

In this episode, Ayan apologizes to Nitya for Mahima’s behavior and questions her upbringing, blaming it for Mahima’s greed and cunning nature. Nitya defends herself, emphasizing that she provided a good upbringing to both Mahima and Kashvi and made numerous sacrifices for Satish’s family. Meanwhile, Mahima overhears their conversation and discovers the truth that Kashvi is Nayan and Samrat’s daughter, not her own. Outraged, Mahima vows to expose Nayan’s deception and humiliate her.

Samrat intervenes and takes Mahima to a room to calm her down. Their argument escalates as Mahima expresses her desire to expose Nayan as a conwoman who deceived their family. Samrat tries to explain Nayan’s sacrifices, but Mahima continues to speak ill of her. Sam offers Mahima a sum of 5 lakhs to keep her silence, but Mahima greedily demands 10 lakhs. Sam transfers the amount to her account, warning her of dire consequences if she reveals the truth, emphasizing his determination to protect Nayan’s dignity.

Later, Kashvi’s vidaayi (farewell) ritual begins, and she expresses a special request to Nayan. Kashvi insists on Nayan and Samrat getting married in the same mandap immediately. The family is taken aback by the unexpected demand, and Daadi suggests completing the vidaayi ritual first before considering Nayan and Sam’s marriage. However, Kashvi expresses concerns about her mother’s treatment in the house after she leaves and insists on the immediate marriage. Sam agrees to marry Nayan, and after persuasion from Jagadish and Nitya, Nayan reluctantly agrees. Romila decides to inform Mahima about the turn of events.

In the precap, Kashvi overhears Sam confessing that he is marrying Nayan because of their daughter. Romila informs Mahima about Nayan and Sam’s marriage in the same mandap. Sam marries Nayan and takes her home, where they encounter Pradyuman’s hostility. A tense moment arises, but Nayan manages to prevent Sam from slapping Pradyuman.

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