Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Reveals Kashvi’s Paternity Secret to Samrat

Arjun informs Nayantara about the unavailability of AB negative blood for Kashvi, a rare blood group. Nayantara decides to find the blood herself and leaves the hospital. Samrat becomes upset with Nayantara’s behavior and expresses his anger towards her. His inner self suggests that he still loves Nayantara and wants her back in his life, but Samrat denies it. Nayantara forcefully enters Samrat’s house, seeking his help to donate blood for Kashvi. Samrat refuses and challenges her to perform various tasks. Nayantara complies to save her daughter’s life. In a shocking revelation, Nayantara confesses that Kashvi is Samrat’s daughter. Samrat is shocked and questions why she didn’t return to him earlier. Nayantara explains her reasons and pleads with Samrat to save their daughter. Samrat embraces Nayantara and vows to save Kashvi. They head to the hospital together.

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