Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat’s Joyful Moment | Latest News

Samrat approaches Nitya, expressing his desire to show his love for their daughter. He regrets missing out on precious moments of her childhood, such as pampering her and holding her hand while walking. Nitya acknowledges his feelings but cautions about the need to be careful due to Aruna’s reaction and to avoid any further drama. Nayan agrees with Nitya and leaves to check the event preparations. Sam questions Nitya about her disapproval of his parking lot project outside his shopping mall, emphasizing its potential benefits for shopkeepers and others. Nitya explains that it goes against environmental norms and cannot be approved. Sam suggests discussing alternative options with his manager. Nitya suggests proceeding with Kashvi’s “muh dikhayi” ritual.

During the ritual, Kashvi hurriedly tries to wear a sari and seeks Arjun’s assistance. Arjun playfully asks her to say please, and Nitya calls for Kashvi to join them. Kashvi politely requests Arjun’s help, and he gets captivated by her beauty. Complimenting her, he mentions her slim and beautiful waist, which he hadn’t noticed before. Kashvi blushes and asks him to stop staring. Arjun playfully asserts that a husband can admire his wife, making Kashvi shyly run away. The muh dikhayi ritual commences, and Nayan invites Sam, Kashvi’s father, to perform the ritual, leaving everyone shocked. Sam joyfully carries out the ritual, and Kashvi calls him “papa,” further elevating Sam’s happiness. Nayan shares her own similar experience when Kashvi called her “mamma” for the first time.

Observing Arjun’s sadness, Nayan inquires if he misses Mahima. Arjun admits that he does, but he acknowledges the reality that not everyone can have what they desire. Nayan provides encouragement and assures him that he can always share his thoughts with her. Meanwhile, Sam receives a call from his manager, who informs him that he has obtained all the necessary permissions and copies of environmental norms for the parking lot construction. Sam is puzzled as to why Nitya denied permission despite the manager’s claims.

The next morning, Kashvi wakes up to the sound of the alarm and attempts to turn it off, accidentally leaning over Arjun. Startled, Arjun wakes up and shouts about seeing a bear. Kashvi explains that she was trying to disable the alarm and playfully teases him about the bear. Their cute banter ensues. Sam arranges a meeting with a minister to secure construction permission and realizes that Nitya’s office is in the same building. He strategizes to ensure she is not present when he meets the minister.

In the precap, Nitya discovers that Samrat approached the minister for parking lot permission. She informs Nayan, feeling betrayed by her support for Sam. Nayan confronts Sam, who intends to explain the situation. However, Nitya enters and declares that she will reveal the truth. Meanwhile, a worker discovers a skeleton while digging the ground, leaving Nitya visibly concerned.

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