Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayan and Samrat’s Wedding Celebration Unfolds

In this episode, Mahima packs her bags and announces her departure to Veer, choosing to travel by flight instead of train. Romila confronts her, revealing that Nayan is about to marry Sam in the same mandap where Mahima was supposed to wed Arjun. Unfazed, Mahima expresses her indifference, stating her intentions to go to Mumbai and prioritize her freedom. Meanwhile, preparations for Nayan’s bridal attire are underway, with Kashvi and Sam’s involvement. Sam surprises Nayan with a stunning bridal sari, professing his love and belief in their eventual reunion. The wedding proceeds with rituals and blessings from the family. Pradyuman, initially hostile towards Nayan, learns about her past and apologizes, accepting her as part of the family. In the precap, Sam suggests gifting something to Kashvi as a token of appreciation, while tensions rise between Nitya and Sam regarding household chores.


  • Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update
  • Nayan and Samrat’s wedding
  • Mahima’s departure and Romila’s manipulation
  • Preparations for bridal attire
  • Surprise bridal sari from Sam
  • Rituals and blessings
  • Family dynamics and acceptance
  • Kashvi’s grihapravesh and family dynamics
  • Tensions over household chores and family’s dignity

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