Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Exciting Developments Unfold

Chaman stops Kanha from holding Sayuri after she slips, asserting her first right on Kanha. Kanha refuses to marry Chaman and faces her threat to harm Sayuri. Sayuri questions Kanha’s plan to get arrested to avoid the wedding. Rashmi manipulates Nakul by claiming Kanha said something to Ammu. Nakul gets angry at Kanha. Sayuri asks Kanha about his next plan, but it gets disrupted when Ammu refuses to help due to Kanha’s alleged remarks. Ammu’s boss restrains Nakul as she tries to escape. Kanha informs Sayuri about Rashmi’s revelation regarding Ammu. In the precap, Kanha brings Ammu, and Sayuri suggests seeking her director friend’s help to retrieve everything from Chaman Bahar

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