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Hailey graduated from high school yesterday, which is weird because she graduated from kindergarten last week in almost the same outfit and When did time get weird?

I wanted to leave them with some words of wisdom for college, but all I could think was, “Red and yellow, kill a fellow…beer before wine, never sick” and that seems unhelpful (though Still valid) So instead I’m putting together a little journal they can take with them to college with notes that might help them get through some tough and wonderful times. Inspirational quotes from great people like Maya Angelou who said, “A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face” or AA Milne who said, “You can’t wait for others to come to your corner of the woods. You’ve got to go at them sometimes” or said Jake the dog, “Dude. Sucking at something is the first step to being good at something.”

But I want a lot more, so if you have an inspirational quote that gets you through the day or a life lesson you want to pass on or a life hack that helps you get off to a fresh start, what would you leave it here? And then I’ll print them all out and stuff them in Hailey’s suitcase when they leave and it looks like we’ll be traveling with them in some small way.

Now excuse me while I cry for a few minutes.

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