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I was at a gas station and I heard someone say “did you know lemons aren’t real?” And the person they were talking to was like, “Yeah, I heard.”

And then I couldn’t stop thinking about it because that’s what’s happening I went to twitter for his reaction And most people were as amazed as I was, but a number of people pointed out that there is an internet argument going on that since lemons are a hybrid of a citrus orange and a lime, they should be man-made and therefore technically life. We didn’t give lemons…we gave lemons ourselves.

I Googled “are lemons real” and Google suggested I “DO LEMONS EXIST?” Which makes me think that even Google is a bit confused on this point. I found an equal number of websites that say “lemons are man-made”, “lemons are a naturally occurring hybrid”, and that “nobody knows where lemons come from”. But even if they were man-made, wouldn’t they be real? I mean, babies are man-made and don’t naturally occur in the wild, but they’re still real, right? Are the laws of fruition different? How does science work?

Anyway, I don’t have an answer about the origin of lemons except that they’re at least as real as babies, and if they’re not real then what the hell did I do?

Edited to add: I was talking about lemon. I didn’t eat the kids. Not sure if clarification is necessary but all bets are off at this point.

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