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Yesterday I found Squirrelly Temple unconscious on the dirt under the tree on which she usually sits talking menacingly to me.

For comparison, this squirrel’s temple is its normal self:

I thought she might have fainted due to heatstroke, so I picked up some water to pour on her, but when I came close, she turned around and started growling at me.

However I was still concerned so I looked up “What do I do if my squirrel has heat stroke?” And Google was like, “Did you want to ask: ‘Are your squirrels cracking up?,

I was like, “i wasn’t at allBut I clicked on it anyway and learned that a lot of people are seeing dead squirrels in their yards and it’s become so common that there’s a name for it. Squirrel To divide Google assured me that it’s very normal to see squirrels splutter during heat waves as they press their bellies against the cold ground to regulate their temperature and all you need to do is leave some water out for them, so I added Squirrelly Made a small barbie pool for the temple. She glared at me and growled at her like she was an ungrateful bitch, which was very reassuring and I’m glad she’s already back to her old self.

Conclusion: Please spare some water for your wild wildlife friends, even if they are idiosyncratic at times. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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