We reached the summit of our 6-mile hike and behold: trees!


heyJust a little more and we’re on top. I know I said that a mile ago and two miles before that, but it’s true! When we painstakingly climb this huge boulder the path crosses for some reason instead of going around it, and then through the rocky thickets into this clearing, yes, I see the sky opening up now Yes, and, aha! We made it! A grueling six-mile climb, but now comes the reward. Head over to the outdoors and prepare to be amazed as you lay your eyes on the picturesque view of the trees!

Have you ever seen so many trees? There are many trees in it. Nothing in front of us except miles and miles of trees. that side. More Trees! On this side, perhaps a breathtaking view of a rugged mountain range rising high in the distance? No, only trees.

I told you it would be worth it. Remember when our feet were wet and blistered and we were trailing behind that very slow, very crying baby girl and we were concerned for her well-being and took turns pushing her into the mud? I said, “I know our backs ache from hiding under all these low hanging trees, but wait till we get to the top!” See more? Now we’re on top of the hanging trees! They were big and before us and now they are small and far away! It’s called perspective, something I want you all to have when you start throwing words like “abuse” and “divorce” around.

Yeah, look at all those trees. One tree after another. I see a tree there. And there. And there. There is a tree. There is another tree. Trees, trees, trees. bush! No, it is a tree, but a very bushy tree. Bushy, bushy tree! There trees. tree over there. Many trees in that direction. Ten thousand trees here.

Let’s see if there is an echo: “TREEEEEEEE!”


Drink it We spend so much time staring at our devices, it’s good to exercise our eyes with captivating visuals like this, although initially it’s hard for our screen-connected brains to process all this information at once. So allow me to decode it for you: They are definitely trees.

Let’s stop blackflies for a minute and appreciate the nuances of colors: green, more green, dark green, a kind of mossy green with a mossy tinge to it. Look at that tree over there. No, over there. No, over there. There. There. There. There. Yes, same. It’s such a rich green that I call it “the Green”. The one on the other hand—no, the one. that’s a deal. that’s a deal. Oh, that one? Sorry, you were right the first time, that one. It’s definitely green but not nearly green, you know what I’m saying? Let’s call it “grain”. I’m sure our friends will be jealous that they missed this hike. Hey hey!

Threatening to sideline me is not funny. Trees may look soft from a distance but in reality they are quite sharp.

Speaking of trees, there are hundreds of tree species, some of which are represented here, though not all. Yes, it looks like they are all here, but no, I feel safe saying there are many trees that are not represented here. The trees generally break down into two groups. You have your coniferous trees, you have your evergreens, but most of these trees that we see here are deciduous.

No, I’m pretty sure I’m right. I know a thing or two about trees, which are present in abundance before us.

OK, so when I say “tree,” you say, “tree!” Ready? “Trees!…” You weren’t ready, try again: “Trees!…” Come on, guys… Well, then, I’ll do both parts: “Trees! Trees! Trees! Trees!”

Do you know that if we come back here in the fall, the trees will be all different colors? Well, mainly orange. A kind of pale orange-orange. Autumn is as if the trees are drunk!

It’s not even ridiculous to suggest that drugs will make the journey more enjoyable.

Is your raisin and husk snack over? Well, let’s make like a tree and take root in this place indefinitely.

Okay, we can go on, but I’m sure you’d be much more impressed if it didn’t rain.




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