“Waiter, there’s a tree in my clam.” – The Blogs

So I got a little tree in a clam and when the waiter asked if everything was okay I said, “I have a little tree in my clam” and the waiter said, “Oh. Why?” As if I put it there.

So he got to the cook and he said, “Oh, that’s his… what’s the word? her hair“. And it wasn’t really comforting but English wasn’t her first language so I googled “what’s in my clam” and found out this is his beard, Apparently “bearded clam” isn’t just a euphemism for a lady garden. So then I asked the waiter if we were gonna eat the bearded clam and he was like, “I won’t” and then told that it wasn’t a clam at all and was an oyster so now I’m even more confused.

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