Vihan V Verma’s Heartfelt Goodbye to Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

As Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin gears up for a significant 20-year time leap, the show will witness the departure of several actors, including Vihan V Verma. Vihan, who stepped into the role of Mohit Chavan in September 2021, replacing Adish Vaidya, recently shared his decision in an interview. Expressing his uncertainties about continuing with the show after the time leap, Vihan stated that playing a 30-year-old character at the age of 23 was already a stretch for him. The upcoming leap, which would age his character to 50, felt too challenging and uncomfortable. Moreover, with the focus shifting to the new cast after the leap, Vihan’s concerns were understood by the makers, leading to an amicable exit.

In the coming days, Vihan will wrap up his shoot, bidding farewell to the popular show and his co-actors. While he expresses sadness over parting ways, he also looks forward to embracing new opportunities. Vihan emphasizes his dedication to work, stating that he does not believe in taking breaks and eagerly awaits thrilling projects.

Addressing recent rumors of a romantic link between Vihan and his co-actor Sneha Bhawsar, who portrays his wife on the show, both actors denied the speculations during a conversation. Vihan acknowledges that such rumors are common in their profession but clarifies that they are good friends. The situation did become a bit awkward, particularly for Sneha, as she comes from a conservative family, but they both understand the need to set things straight when speculations go overboard.

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