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This weekend was Hailey’s final high school performance and also first time I have ever seen him sing solo on his stage. (This is one of those things they don’t warn you about when your child is accepted into a fine arts high school… Your child may have great training, but he or she may be missing out on many other incredibly Will also compete against gifted kids.)

It was a performance where each senior chose a song by themselves, rehearsed for a day and then did whatever they wanted on stage with live accompaniment. Hailey Decided She’s Going to Do a Totally Marilyn Monroe Tribute If This Is Her Only Time in the Spotlight thunder And I really cried.

The only problem is that Hailey was scheduled to pick up her college dorm at 8:30 pm, which is when the show was about to end and so Victor brought his laptop so that he could find Hailey’s room as quickly as possible. Get a chance to catch it soon. as Hailey exited the stage. Unfortunately the end time was miscalculated, so at 8:30 Victor crawled to the very back of the theater so he could log in without disturbing anyone, but still hear the other numbers, which featured Hailey. The back half of the theater was empty but he was concerned that the light shining in his face might be distracting to the children, so he crouched on the floor under the chairs to enter, just as he heard a girl on stage. Stopping the orchestra in the middle of his song, he shouted, “Hang on”. turn off the music. Bring the light up Just who do you think you are?? And then Victor may have pissed himself off a little as he slowly peered over the chairs in horror, but discovered that the singer was yelling at Hailey, who was now pretending to be an obnoxious theater-goer in the audience. who was taking flash pictures and the singer completed Patti LuPone The meltdown which was a huge hit with every person in the musical theater in the audience who got the obscure reference, and possibly a little confusing for everyone else, who didn’t understand what was happening until the singer said , “Let’s do it again” and pulled off her previously plain dress to reveal a flashy sequenced number and killed her.

And Hailey got the dorm they wanted.

Everyone wins.

PS. I know that many of you may be in the process of helping your child decide if they want to try out for a specific charter high school and after Hailey’s is done I have more to share. There’s a lot of advice to be had because perhaps you can learn from our experience, which (like most high schools, I think) was both very good and very bad. So many things I wish we’d known earlier. And speaking of advice, the advice I’m getting This post on what I should do to prepare Haley (and me) for college has been incredibly helpful. (even the stuff that’s breaking my heart a little) so please keep it coming. And if you have a kid about to enter college, take a look because these are thoughts on college from kids and parents who’ve been there and it’s really eye-opening. Thanks for being my village, y’all.

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