Unraveling Destiny: The Mystical Journey to Save Armaan,Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1: In a tense moment, Mahir’s associate delivers distressing news – all the yoginis have disappeared. Meanwhile, a determined yogini initiates a spell to bring Armaan back. Mehak, prepared for the ritual, expresses her readiness. The yogini reveals that Armaan once saved her mother’s life, and now it’s their turn to save him. The spell begins, but Veer anxiously watches as Armaan remains unresponsive.

At a secluded spot, the yogini shares a mystical stone with Sikander, explaining its ability to revive the dead when combined with the right spell. She also mentions the elusive ujamani, which holds the key to saving Armaan’s life. Sikander ventures into a cave, cautioned about the door closing behind him. Inside, he discovers a collection of radiant stones. Racing against time, he snatches one and hastily exits, a triumphant smile lighting up his face.

Scene 2: Expressing gratitude to the yogini, Eisha, Mehak, and their companions discuss their next step. Seeking Chandrika’s assistance, they hope to uncover the whereabouts of the ujamani. The yogini advises Veer, questioning his love for Eisha and warning him of the pain he brings to those he cares for. She emphasizes that destiny dictates his separation from Eisha, as his presence brings misfortune. Just then, Eisha arrives, unaware of the conversation.

Concerned, Mehak tries to contact Nan, while Veer seeks solace in alcohol at a bar. Reflecting on the yogini’s words, he contemplates their validity. Eisha approaches, expressing worry for Veer and questioning his excessive drinking. Veer, overwhelmed by doubts, ponders the yogini’s prophecy. Eisha reassures him, acknowledging his constant protection and support, declaring him her lucky charm.

Scene 3: Mahir’s associate, Cherry, offers him water, appreciating her role in keeping him fit. While Mahir goes for a shower, Cherry takes the opportunity to snoop through his phone, gathering valuable information. Mehak recollects Vihaan’s actions, while Eisha shares Veer’s growing fear and apprehension. Mehak asserts her belief that the yogini might be mistaken this time.

Vihaan contacts Veer, revealing Cherry’s compliance with their plan. Mahir approaches Vihaan, presenting a device and expressing a need for a conversation. Over drinks, Mahir confides in Vihaan, blaming Veer for the yoginis’ disappearance. Later, Mahir’s men abduct Eisha, prompting Veer to witness the incident and pursue the van in a frantic chase.

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