Titli 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Garv Seeks Titli’s Assistance | Latest News

The episode begins with Titli eagerly anticipating Garv’s compliments for her work. Garv arrives and informs her that she doesn’t need to come to court; instead, she should record a video and send it to him. Koel observes their interaction and urges Titli to go and have some food. Monica becomes anxious, and Garv inquires about the matter. Maina explains that Monica’s makeup artist hasn’t shown up. Titli offers her assistance, mentioning that she has completed a makeup course. Garv expresses his reservations, stating that they hired Titli as a decorator and can’t trust her for makeup. However, Titli insists that she is a safe risk, and Monica agrees to let her do the makeup. Titli proceeds with Monica’s makeover, while everyone waits outside. Koel interrupts and asks Titli to come out. Manikant criticizes Koel for not being as helpful as Titli. The family eagerly awaits Monica, and Garv reiterates his doubts about Titli doing the makeup. Dhrishti supports Titli, saying that she insisted. Titli finally emerges and reveals that one makeup product is missing, preventing the bridal look from being complete. Manikant urges her to hurry, but Garv expresses his earlier skepticism. Koel becomes furious. Maina asks if Monica is ready, and Titli brings Monica, leaving everyone delighted. Maina confirms that Monica is ready, and Titli points out that only kajal is missing. Maina applies the kajal to Monica, hoping to see a smile on Garv’s face. However, Garv’s anger is triggered when he witnesses a servant spilling a drink.

Everyone showers compliments on Monica, and Koel offers Titli a tip. However, Titli declines, stating that she did it out of kindness for Maina and Monica. Maina expresses gratitude, while Titli yearns for someone loving in her life. Monica and Abhay get engaged amidst the song “Sajna ve…” Garv embraces Monica and notices Titli looking at him. He messages her, requesting the video.

Titli goes to record the video, and Garv dances with his sisters. Manikant dances with Maina, while Koel feels upset. Titli joins Garv in a dance but stumbles, leading to a moment between them. They argue, and Garv questions whether she recorded the video. Titli confirms that she sent it. Garv leaves.

Chintu jokes and teases Dadi, who mentions her desire to get Titli married. Meanwhile, Garv watches Titli’s video and becomes angry. He confronts her, emphasizing the importance of his career and instructing her not to focus solely on his smile. He reminds her that he asked her to make the video because she is a witness and accuses her of falling in love with him. Titli denies it, and Garv advises her to stick to work-related matters and not involve anyone else. He admits his mistake of expecting her help and suggests that she needs assistance. In a coincidental moment, Titli falls into Garv’s arms. Garv expresses his concerns about the judge’s reaction in court.

The next morning, Garv arrives at the court, and the judge inquires about the witness. Titli announces her presence and provides her statement. The judge warns Garv about controlling his anger, and Titli departs. Garv follows her, and she sends him an audio message.

In the precap, Garv compliments Titli, defends Koel, and Abhay’s father breaks the alliance, leading to Monica’s tears.

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