Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sahiba Forgives Angad | Latest News

Angad tells Sahiba that Brar Jewelers always needs skilled artisans and asks Ajith if he would like to work for Brar Jewelers. Ajith happily agrees, and Angad pleads Sahiba to forgive him for his mistake. Santosh assures Sahiba that her whole family will forgive Angad. Keerat defends Angad, stating that when he called her to meet him, she had no idea about his plans, highlighting his kind-hearted nature. Emotionally, Ajith hugs Angad, and even Sahiba joins in. Keerat captures the moment by taking a photo, and Veer captures a selfie, expressing their joy. Santosh shares the double good news that Angad has provided them with a brand new shop, and Sahiba is pregnant. However, Sahiba corrects the misunderstanding, revealing that her name was mistakenly mentioned in someone else’s report at the hospital. Santosh accepts the mistake and insists that Sahiba should inform them first when she does get pregnant.

Back at home, Sahiba brings sweets for Angad, and he happily receives them. Sahiba questions if he helped her family with the intention of gaining forgiveness. Angad admits feeling guilty and wanting to correct his mistake. Sahiba explains that when people repent for their mistakes, it becomes a learning experience. She feeds Angad kheer, and he smiles. He then involves her in selecting a color and font on his laptop, teasing her with the promise of a surprise the next day. Sahiba notices Angad holding her hand, making her smile. They continue their conversation, with Sahiba advising Angad to inform his family about renovating her father’s shop and giving him a contract before they find out on their own. Angad assures Sahiba that he will handle it.

Meanwhile, Jasleen asks Seerat about Garry’s whereabouts. Seerat suggests that he might be wandering around. Jasleen remarks that while everyone forgave Kiara, Garry may not be forgiven so easily. Jasleen further mentions the news of Sahiba’s pregnancy and suggests that Seerat should also become everyone’s favorite by bearing a child and providing the family with their first heir. Garry, still upset about his insult from Jaspal, expresses his anger to Seerat, claiming that she is only his wife for the world and not for him. Seerat sits in tears.

The next day, Angad hosts a grand 50th anniversary party for their shop, and Sahiba walks in, stunning everyone with her beautiful sari. Angad becomes captivated by her beauty, which doesn’t go unnoticed by others. Garry, angry and accompanied by Seerat, leaves the party. The president of Ludhiana Jewelers congratulates Akaal for their 50 successful years in business and praises Angad as the right choice for carrying the business to new heights. Angad acknowledges Sahiba’s contribution to the party’s decoration and introduces her to Japjyoth’s guests, receiving praise. Meanwhile, reporters discuss Garry’s involvement in the business, but Akaal dismisses the topic. Sahiba joins Gurleen to meet her friends, while Angad notices Seerat’s tears and follows her. Sahiba witnesses this.

In the precap, Sahiba angrily throws a painting, and an artist insults her, stating that she lacks a formal arts degree and is nobody. Sahiba reveals her desire to join an arts college to Angad and asks him to sign a form.

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