Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ravi Makes a Return

Scene 1: Kinjal and Pratiksha face challenges

In Scene 1, Kinjal shares with Pratiksha that Ravi has gone abroad, despite Pratiksha’s request to keep it a secret. Kinjal suggests seeking help from their uncle (chachu), but Pratiksha refuses, feeling that her presence has already caused enough suffering for her family. Kinjal expresses concern about how they will find help, leading to a confrontation with an inspector who accuses them of breaking rules. To protect Pratiksha, Kinjal insists on being thrown into jail as well, and Pratiksha pleads for her release. As Kinjal is locked up, she embraces Pratiksha. Meanwhile, Kaviya contemplates Pratiksha’s influence in the house and decides to take drastic measures, including throwing out her belongings and celebrating Teej in her absence.

Scene 2: Ravi’s worries and determination

In Scene 2, Ravi calls Adi, expressing his urgent need for a ticket to Chandigarh. Adi explains that it is not possible at that hour due to the courts being closed. Ravi blames himself for the current situation and worries about Pratiksha’s safety. Kaviya and Mandip discuss their suspicions about Ravi’s feelings for Pratiksha, questioning how such a connection could exist. Kaviya justifies her actions, believing that Ravi’s sympathy and guilt play a role. Dadi interrupts their conversation. Meanwhile, Ravi contacts the inspector, expressing his displeasure over Pratiksha’s arrest and requesting to speak with her. Pratiksha, locked up with Kinjal, refuses to disclose Ravi’s whereabouts and expresses her doubts about his intentions. Despite the circumstances, Pratiksha remains unaffected by the upcoming Teej festival.

Ravi’s determination to rescue Pratiksha

Dadi questions Kaviya’s decision to throw out Pratiksha’s belongings, reminding her that Pratiksha will eventually return home. Mandip adds that Pratiksha might resort to stealing jewelry, causing Ravi to turn against her. Dadi insists on letting Pratiksha’s stuff stay. Mandip informs Ravi about their failed attempt to seek help from Ravi’s mother, and Ravi acknowledges his absence due to a conference. Kaviya expresses her desire for Ravi to kick Pratiksha out of the house, while Mandip suggests celebrating their first Lohri together.

Ravi’s worry and determination grow stronger

In Scene 2, Ravi continues to worry about Pratiksha’s well-being, recalling her words about not needing any support. Adi meets with everyone, and Mandip encourages him to eat first. Ravi calls Adi again, expressing his gratitude for providing him with information about Pratiksha’s arrest. Adi acknowledges Ravi’s deep concern for Pratiksha and reveals that Ravi rushed back home upon hearing the news. Ravi visits the inspector, requesting bail for Pratiksha and mentioning his lawyer’s imminent arrival. As he gazes at Pratiksha sleeping, he vows to protect her at all costs.

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