Punyashlok Ahilya Bai: Ahilya’s Ingenious Plan to Aid the Masses | 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update

In this episode, Ahilya faces a challenging situation as she balances the needs of the affected people and the upcoming Shraddh ceremony for Khanderao. Read on to discover how Ahilya navigates the dilemma while ensuring the welfare of the people and seeking approval from Gautama.

Introduction: Follow Ahilya’s journey as she tackles the difficult task of managing the welfare of the affected people while organizing Khanderao’s Shraddh ceremony. Discover how she strives to find a solution despite the lack of funds and the potential consequences it may have on Gautama’s expectations.

Episode Recap: The episode begins with Ahilya urging Hari to take some rest. Yashwant and Tukoji join them, providing Ahilya with a list of people who have been severely affected and are struggling to make ends meet. Despite the lack of funds, Ahilya is determined to find a way to assist them.

As the pandits arrive for Khanderao’s Shraddh, Ahilya realizes the importance of prioritizing the people’s well-being over extravagant spending. Khanderao, too, shares this sentiment, hoping that Ahilya will focus on resolving the people’s problems instead of lavish rituals.

Brahmans start arriving for Khanderao’s Shraddh, and Ahilya greets them warmly. Gautama entrusts the responsibility of the Brahman’s welfare to Mukta, while Malhar is assigned the task of handling the donations. However, Malerao, Khanderao’s son, is absent, causing distress to Malhar. Fortunately, Malerao returns, and a heartfelt reunion takes place.

Realizing the importance of patience, Gautama expresses her longing to see Malerao. With his return, she instructs him to ensure a flawless Shraddh event, leaving no room for any shortcomings. Meanwhile, Hari meets Gangoba and discusses a plan to achieve their goals, unaware of the impending changes.

Concerned about using the funds for the affected people, Tukoji voices his reservations. However, Ahilya believes it is crucial to address the people’s needs, even if it means facing Gautama’s disapproval. Seeking advice from Mukta, Ahilya decides to approach Malhar and seek his assistance in convincing Gautama.

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