Pishachini: Exploring the Intriguing Indian Hindi-language Supernatural Drama Series

Introduction: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Pishachini, an Indian Hindi-language television series that weaves together elements of the supernatural and drama. Originally aired from 8th August 2022 to 13th January 2023 on Colors TV, this spellbinding series continues to enthrall audiences on Voot, the popular digital platform. Produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms and MAJ Productions, Pishachini features a talented ensemble cast including Nyra Banerjee, Jiya Shankar, and Harsh Rajput.

Synopsis: Pishachini unravels a mesmerizing tale that combines supernatural elements with riveting drama. Set in an intriguing universe, the series follows the lives of its intriguing characters as they navigate a world where the paranormal meets everyday existence.


  • Nyra Banerjee: Nyra brilliantly portrays a central character in Pishachini, adding depth and complexity to the storyline.
  • Jiya Shankar: Jiya brings her remarkable talent to the screen, delivering a compelling performance that captivates viewers throughout the series.
  • Harsh Rajput: Harsh’s portrayal in Pishachini adds intensity and intrigue, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.

Plot Highlights: Discover a narrative that delves into the mysterious and supernatural, as Pishachini takes you on a gripping journey. Uncover the secrets, conflicts, and struggles that arise as the characters confront supernatural forces, all while dealing with their own personal demons.

Production and Availability: Pishachini is a collaborative effort between Shakuntalam Telefilms and MAJ Productions, ensuring a high-quality production that resonates with viewers. The series originally aired on Colors TV and is now digitally available on Voot, allowing fans to enjoy the captivating episodes at their convenience.

Conclusion: Pishachini is an enthralling Indian Hindi-language series that seamlessly blends the supernatural and drama genres. With its talented cast, gripping plot, and expert production, this series has garnered a dedicated following. Join the journey of Pishachini as it immerses you in a world where the paranormal meets the ordinary, leaving you captivated until the very end.

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