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June 27th is International Pineapple Day! Find some jokes about it!

What do you get when you mix a Christmas tree and an iPad?
a pineapple.

Everyone thinks I’m weird because I’m addicted to ham and pineapple sandwiches.
But that’s just air roll.

What do you call a fat pineapple?
A piece of pineapple.

The next person who asks me for some lemonade with pineapple juice, a cranberry juice, and a slice of orange in the same glass…
A punch is about to come.

A man goes to the doctor with a pineapple in his nose and a banana in his ears.
He says, “Doctor, what’s wrong with me?”
The doctor says, “Isn’t it clear? You are not eating properly.”

What is the favorite fruit of the bank card?
A pin-apple.

Why did strawberries go out with the pineapple?
Because he could not get the date.

Why was the pineapple all alone?
Because the banana burst.

My sister said that onion is the only food that can make you cry.
So I threw a pineapple in his face.

What do you get when you mix pineapple with snake?

Where do you get pineapple milk?
From its pineapple.

A man was hit by a bus because he claimed that pineapple can be eaten with pizza.
Besides, I lost my bus license today.

I once put rum and pineapple in the particle accelerator at CERN.
Invented the Pinna Collider.

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