Payal Gupta Joins Meet Cast, Excited to Portray Comic-Negative Role

Actress Payal Gupta Joins Meet Cast, Excited to Portray Comic-Negative Role

Content: Actress Payal Gupta, renowned for her role as Charmie in the popular TV show Banni Chow Home Delivery, has recently joined the cast of Meet. In a recent interview, Payal expressed her enthusiasm for being part of this project and taking on the challenge of playing a comedic yet negative character.

In Meet, Payal will be portraying the character of Pankhuri, the sister of the lead character played by actor Syed Raza Ahmed. Describing her role, Payal explains, “It’s an intriguing character. I will be portraying a greedy woman with aspirations for a luxurious and effortless life. It’s a negative role infused with a touch of comedy.”

This opportunity allows Payal to venture into the comedy genre for the first time, which fills her with both nerves and excitement. She reveals, “I am truly thrilled about this role as it presents a challenge for me. I am putting in a lot of effort to prepare because making the audience laugh through comedy is no easy task.”

As an actor, Payal aims to push her boundaries by taking on diverse roles and exploring various genres. She emphasizes that her focus is on delivering a fresh and unique portrayal, rather than imitating characters played by others in the past. She hopes that the audience will embrace her performance and shares, “I am fully committed to immersing myself in this role and bringing it to life. My goal is to captivate and delight the audience.”

Prior to joining Meet, Payal Gupta showcased her versatility as an actress in mythological shows such as Vighnaharta Ganesha and Radha Krishna, highlighting her ability to adapt to different roles.

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