Parineeti 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakesh’s Unexpected Arrival Shakes Pari’s World

Parineeti 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakesh’s Encounter with Sanju, Pari’s Hidden Escape, and Neeti’s Jealousy Spiral”

In the latest episode of Parineeti on 22nd May 2023, an intense series of events unfolds. Rakesh accidentally collides with Sanju but fails to see his face. Meanwhile, Sanju surprises Pari by bringing her water and mangoes, fulfilling her cravings. Pari is amazed and asks how he knew about her desires. Sanju shares that he witnessed a mother-in-law offering the same treats to her daughter-in-law. Neeti arrives at the scene just as Sanju receives a call from his boss. Sensing the situation, Pari insists that Sanju should leave and assures him that Neeti will take care of her. Sanju holds Pari’s hand and asks her to promise she will take care of herself. Neeti’s anger grows witnessing their connection.

Meanwhile, Rakesh appears, and the conversation shifts to obtaining a report about his father. Rakesh catches sight of Pari and remembers his father’s advice to stop pursuing her. Pari becomes frightened and attempts to flee, with Rakesh chasing after her. Pari finds a hiding spot, desperately trying to contact Neeti for help. Rakesh searches for Pari, pondering whether he should reveal his presence. Neeti reaches out to her grandmother, Bebe, expressing her emotional turmoil after witnessing Sanju taking care of Pari. Neeti feels weak and broken. Bebe advises Neeti to control Sanju, claiming that his affection for Pari is strong. Neeti laments her situation and fears being cast aside as Sanju and Pari grow closer.

Inside the room, Rakesh discovers Pari’s hiding place, but she manages to escape. Pari enters a dark room and hides beneath a table, determined to protect her unborn child. Pari contacts Neeti once again, who initially expresses reluctance to assist her. However, Neeti eventually promises to come to Pari’s aid, despite her frustrations. Pari tearfully reveals that Rakesh is present, sending Neeti into a state of shock. Pari discloses her location in the ICU, and Neeti assures her that she is on her way, urging Pari to remain hidden. Neeti desperately searches for Pari, while Rakesh continues his pursuit. Rakesh instructs his men to leave, narrowing down his focus on finding Pari.

A ward boy questions Pari about her presence in the area and her purpose. Pari quickly improvises, stating that she lost her ring and is searching for it. The ward boy accidentally collides with Rakesh, leading to a revelation about Pari’s presence in the ICU. Intrigued, Rakesh inquires about the location of the ICU, and the ward boy provides the necessary information. Meanwhile, Pari remains hidden as Rakesh approaches the ICU. Pari feels terrified as Rakesh declares that he knows she was waiting for him. Desperate to escape, Pari attempts to evade Rakesh’s grasp. Rakesh pleads with Pari, expressing his love and proposing marriage as a means to end their conflicts. However, Pari fiercely rejects him, affirming her identity as Rajiv’s wife and denouncing his intrusion. Rakesh claims knowledge of Rajiv’s alleged lack of love for Pari and vows to protect her, even resorting to violence against anyone who dares approach her. Pari continues to resist Rakesh’s advances, desperately longing for freedom.

In a tense moment, Neeti finally arrives at the scene. The episode concludes with Rakesh addressing Neeti, insinuating that the child Pari is carrying belongs to their shared husband. Neeti shockingly suggests aborting the child, expressing her willingness to proceed. Neeti demands that Pari be removed from her life forever. However, just as the situation escalates, Sanju and Pari make a sudden appearance, setting the stage for further developments in the upcoming episode.

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