Pandya Store Written Episode: 29th May 2023 Recap, Highlights, and Updates

The episode starts with an intense confrontation as Dhara locks Shivank in the storeroom, leading to his desperate pleas for release. Raavi questions Prerna about Shivank’s actions, and Prerna tearfully reveals the truth. Raavi attempts to justify Shivank’s behavior, causing a rift between them. Meanwhile, Arushi’s mother locks her inside a room, leading to Arushi’s distress and calls for help.

Suman and the family engage in a discussion about Prerna and Shivank’s situation, attempting to understand the underlying reasons behind his actions. Shweta seizes the opportunity to obtain the storeroom keys and plots her own agenda. Shiva anxiously tries to meet Arushi but finds the door locked, while Krish impatiently awaits crucial reports.

Shweta confronts Shivank, seeking the truth about the allegations. In a fit of anger, he confesses to the molestation and reveals his motives behind the act. Shocked by his revelation, Shweta engages in a heated argument with him. Meanwhile, Krish takes matters into his own hands, searching for the reports and making a startling discovery.

As the tension escalates, Shivank’s violent outburst leads to chaos and confrontation. Raavi and Prerna return, and Dhara searches for the missing key. Shivank, filled with rage, heads to the bus stand in search of Arushi. Krish uncovers shocking information in the reports, while Shweta takes an unexpected stand against Shivank, determined to bring him to justice.

Amidst the escalating conflict, Shivank makes dire threats, while Dhara, Shiva, and the Pandyas are left reeling. Shweta pleads for help, and a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues as Shivank seizes Shweta and attempts to flee. Dhara faces a difficult choice and tries to protect Shweta, while Shivank’s actions put everyone’s lives in jeopardy.

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