Pandya Store Fame Maira Dharti Mehra Opens Up About Her Special Bond with Co-Star Shiny Doshi

Actress Maira Dharti Mehra Opens Up About Her Strong Bond with Co-Star Shiny Doshi in Pandya Store

Meta Description: Maira Dharti Mehra, known for her roles in popular shows like Pandya Store and Sasural Genda Phool 2, shares insights about her special bond with co-star Shiny Doshi. Discover their off-screen camaraderie and Maira’s experience shooting for the show.

Actress Maira Dharti Mehra, currently captivating audiences in the hit series Pandya Store, has formed a remarkable bond with her co-stars. In a recent interview, Maira candidly discussed her relationship with fellow actress Shiny Doshi.

According to Maira, “Shiny di and I share a very special bond. Being with her feels like being at home. She is like a sister to me off-screen. In the free time between shots, we make reels and chit-chat a lot. From day one, she has been frank, warm, and welcoming towards me. She is a sweet and fun-loving girl, which is why I love spending time with her. Shiny di is not only professional when it comes to work but also incredibly helpful. Our bond keeps getting stronger with each passing day.”

Reflecting on her experience shooting for Pandya Store, Maira expressed, “The shooting experience for Pandya Store has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone on set is warm, helpful, and talented. Although I joined the show halfway, the people here have become very dear to my heart. I feel fortunate to have made a place for myself in the audience’s hearts. I am also pleased with the character and track I have been given in the show.”

Maira Dharti Mehra has garnered recognition for her exceptional performances in various shows, including ‘Sasuraal Genda Phool 2’, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’, ‘Tera Yaar Hun Mai’, and ‘Shaadi Mubarak’, among others.

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