Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Shocking Twist as Sikander Eliminates Mahesh, the Leader

Scene 1: Eisha and Armaan’s Investigation

In Scene 1, Eisha and Armaan are determined to find their friend, Armaan. They visit the mortuary to identify a girl’s body, which turns out to be Tina. Eisha is shocked and refuses to believe that Armaan could kill his best friend. Veer explains that this is Armaan’s modus operandi, as he used to behead people. Eisha suggests going to the jungle where Tina was killed, and Armaan agrees.

Scene 2: Sikander Confronts Ravesh (Mahesh Leader)

In Scene 2, Bheem shows Ravesh, the leader of the Mahesh group, to Sikander. Determined to eliminate him, Sikander asserts that Ravesh won’t live any longer. Bheem advises Sikander to make eye contact with Ravesh to gain his powers. Sikander challenges Armaan to fight Ravesh and prove his strength. Armaan accepts the challenge and faces Ravesh on a cliff. Ravesh, meditating, confronts Armaan for daring to intrude. Bheem predicts that Armaan, as Sikander’s slave, will meet his demise.

Continuation of Scenes and Eisha’s Search

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