Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet Rescues Chiku from Imposter Parents

Meet finds herself in a tense situation as she confronts Chiku’s fake parents who provide conflicting addresses when questioned about their residence. While the man tries to handle the situation, the lady insists on leaving, mentioning the pending pooja by Panditji. Unwilling to let them escape, Meet tells them to wait as she needs to buy gifts for Monu. The lady offers understanding and suggests that Meet can grab gifts for Monu. Meet walks away, leaving the fake parents behind.

As Meet proceeds, the lady scolds Monu while the man receives a call from Kanika, who asks about their whereabouts. He informs her that they are leaving and Meet has gone to purchase gifts. Kanika urges them to hurry as she will soon reach the destination and instructs them to put the child in the ambulance without arousing suspicion, having made all the necessary arrangements.

Gunwanti approaches Sumeet, inquiring about the English text written by her. Sumeet mischievously responds with “I LOVE TAIJI.” Gunwanti persists, demanding the truth. Mahendra intervenes, mocking Gunwanti and revealing that Sumeet has actually written “Welcome Chiku Bhaiya.” Mahendra informs Sumeet that Chiku won’t be returning as he has gone with his parents. Determined to bring Chiku back, Sumeet asserts her intention. Gunwanti questions Mahendra’s certainty about Chiku’s return and wonders if Meet is bringing him back. Mahendra advises Gunwanti to call Kanika and inquire about the situation. Gunwanti contacts Kanika, seeking information about Chiku. Kanika, confused, promises to call back later. Sumeet overhears the conversation and questions Gunwanti about their discussion regarding Chiku. Gunwanti fabricates a story, claiming that she was discussing fruit chikus with her friend Kanika. Sumeet, suspicious, confronts Gunwanti, who dismisses her and asks her to play. Sumeet insists on retrieving Chiku and asserts her determination.

Meanwhile, Manmeet and Meet search for Chiku and his parents. Sapna contacts Manmeet, informing him that Sumeet’s cycle is missing. Meet inquires about the situation, and Sapna reveals that Sumeet left for the hospital, concerned about Chiku. Concerned, Meet acknowledges the information and ends the call. She asks Manmeet to check both routes.

At the same time, the man receives a call from Kanika, confirming the completion of their task and the transfer of the agreed-upon amount. Kanika urges them to deliver the child and expresses her impatience. The man assures her they will arrive soon. Meet spots the man eating sweets despite being diabetic and realizes something is amiss. Observing the lady on the phone discussing watching a movie, Meet becomes suspicious, considering they had earlier mentioned a pooja. The man discusses the money they received, and the lady expresses regret over not demanding more for the child, longing for a house and car. Meet realizes they are selling Chiku for financial gain.

Meanwhile, Sumeet is on the street, and Manmeet intercepts her, questioning her destination. Sumeet asks him who informed him about her whereabouts, and Manmeet reveals that her doll relayed the information. Sumeet acknowledges Manmeet’s intelligence and discloses that she was searching for him as she was worried and wanted to meet Chiku. Manmeet receives a call from Meet and informs her that he has finally found Sumeet, who was in the market. Meet expresses relief and informs him that the couple claiming to be Chiku’s parents are frauds. Manmeet questions how they can retrieve Chiku without evidence. Meet

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