Nikki Tamboli’s Bollywood Aspirations: A Move Away from Reality TV Revealed

Nikki Tamboli made a remarkable impact as a fiery contestant on the popular reality show Bigg Boss, winning over a massive fan following with her fierce and bold demeanor. Securing the position of the second runner-up on the show, she showcased her charismatic personality. Recently, during an event in Vadodara, Nikki shared her future plans with the Etimes team. Expressing her gratitude, she mentioned that it was her first visit to Gujarat and the overwhelming love she received made her feel at home. Interacting with university students, she was impressed by their knowledge and intellect.

Despite a hiatus from television since her minor role in the 2021 show Sirf Tum, Nikki Tamboli has grand aspirations. Having previously acted in Telugu and Tamil films, she reveals that she is not in a rush to take up new television projects or participate in reality shows. She discloses having exciting ventures in the pipeline, yet refrains from discussing them until they officially commence. Her ultimate goal is to make her debut in Bollywood. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges the challenges faced by outsiders in the film industry, particularly those without a filmy background. While she has received numerous offers for item songs and music videos, she admits to declining most of them, although some turned out to be massive hits. Nikki recognizes the importance of proper guidance and mentorship, which can sometimes be lacking in her path.

Nikki Tamboli’s pursuit of reaching for the stars sets her apart. She also addresses the issue of relentless online trolling she faces. Emphasizing her humanity, she acknowledges the emotional impact of frequent trolling, even though she tries to ignore it. She remarks that in today’s digital age, trolling has become prevalent, affecting not only celebrities but also professionals like doctors and sportspersons.

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