Neha Kakkar Addresses Divorce Rumors with Rohanpreet Singh: Her Candid Reaction

The recent news surrounding Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh has attracted significant attention, especially after Rohanpreet’s absence from Neha’s birthday celebration sparked rumors of their marriage being on the rocks. However, the couple has swiftly dispelled these speculations by sharing affectionate pictures together, reaffirming their strong bond.

Neha took to her social media platform to share delightful photos of herself and Rohanpreet, capturing a tender moment where he lovingly kisses her cheek. Accompanying the pictures, Neha mentioned their recent wonderful trip, indicating that they are enjoying their time together. The post garnered attention not only from fans but also from Neha’s brother, Tony Kakkar, who left a supportive comment.

The post provided a sense of relief for fans who had grown concerned about the divorce rumors. Many expressed their happiness and gratitude for Neha’s clarification. One fan commented, expressing relief, “Thank goodness you made this post. People were starting to think you guys had divorced.” Another fan, filled with joy, wrote, “Are you two still together? I thought it was over, but I’m genuinely happy for both of you.” The responses showcased the importance of not making assumptions about others’ relationships.

Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh tied the knot on October 24, 2021, solidifying their marriage in a grand ceremony. Despite occasional rumors and speculations, the couple continues to display their love and togetherness, emphasizing the strength of their relationship.

With this latest social media post, Neha Kakkar has effectively addressed the divorce rumors, assuring fans that all is well in her marriage with Rohanpreet Singh. As the couple moves forward, fans can look forward to more delightful moments and updates from their journey together.

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