Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Jai’s Strategic Plan Against Dev Unveiled

In this episode, Vidhi faces challenges with her new product, Dev suggests a relevant name, Jai’s jealousy emerges, and Chitra seeks support. Read on to find out more.

Introduction: In this episode of [Show Name], tensions rise as Vidhi introduces her menstrual kit to Dev, who suggests a more relevant name. Jai’s jealousy towards Vidhi’s success becomes apparent, while Chitra seeks assistance. Meanwhile, Dev and his family contemplate regaining control of their company. Read on for a detailed recap.

Section 1: Vidhi’s Struggle with Product Naming Vidhi approaches Dev to discuss her new product, the Stree Vidhi menstrual kit. However, Dev raises concerns about the name not being related to the product’s purpose. He draws a parallel with his own name, suggesting that a name should have relevance. Chitra interrupts, requesting Jai’s phone number for a school reunion, delaying the conversation.

Section 2: Amba’s Attempt to Reconcile with Dev Amba tries to initiate a conversation with Dev, but he dismisses her and shows no interest in reconciliation. He abruptly leaves, signaling his indifference towards her actions.

Section 3: Vidhi Seeks Jai’s Advice Vidhi shares her conversation with Dev about the product name with Jai. Jai questions the interference of Vidhi’s family in his company and dismisses Dev’s suggestion. Vidhi regrets sharing Dev’s idea and starts to leave. Jai imagines a confrontation with Dev, expressing his jealousy over Vidhi’s achievements. Vidhi interrupts his thoughts and leaves the room.

Section 4: Kaushik’s Plan for Dev’s Comeback Kaushik informs Dev about an upcoming opportunity to regain control of the company. Dev, however, insists they take a different approach than Amba and not resort to unethical practices. Kaushik appreciates Dev’s moral stance.

Section 5: Jai’s Manipulative Intentions Jai, observing Vidhi’s interactions on CCTV footage, formulates a plan. He notices an advertisement where Dev is seeking candidates for the secretary position. Jai decides to use this opportunity to manipulate Vidhi by inviting her to his cabin. He orders the receptionist to send Vidhi to him after 15 minutes.

Section 6: Jai’s Trap and Vidhi’s Concern Jai presents Vidhi with a bonus and chocolates, claiming it is for all employees. Vidhi asks if she can leave, and Jai allows her to do so. Shashi, Jai’s assistant, brings food for him, mentioning that Jai hasn’t eaten for days. Jai expresses his loneliness and Vidhi offers to keep him company. They decide to have food together, and Vidhi suggests searching for a gift for Jai.

Section 7: Dev’s Plan for the Company Dev explains his plan for the company’s production to Hariprasad and Bimla. He proposes outsourcing the food production and distribution by combining Abhi’s recipes. Vidhi joins the conversation, and Dev jokingly refers to her as their rival.

Section 8: Jai Supports Chitra Jai and Chitra find themselves in a restaurant, where Vikram, Chitra’s husband, confronts her. Jai intervenes, emphasizing the importance of respecting a woman’s refusal, even within a marital relationship. Jai escorts Chitra away from Vikram and brings her to the Raichand Mansion. They inform Satyavati and Dev about the incident, and Abhi suggests supporting Chitra consistently. Vidhi expresses gratitude to Jai for helping Chitra

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