Meri Saas Bhoot Hai Written Episode Update: Rekha Loses to a Ghost on 21st June 2023

In this episode, Rekha embarks on a search for the ghost and experiences a peculiar sensation. Meanwhile, Gaura contacts Rekha, but a nosy house owner interrupts their conversation. Ajay, the lady’s son, unexpectedly arrives home and confronts Gaura about her presence. Things escalate as Gaura explains that she is a ghost exorcist, leading to Ajay forcefully removing her from the house. Back inside, Ajay’s wife, Riya, becomes distraught and reacts aggressively towards him. Rekha suspects Riya may be possessed by a ghost, and Ajay senses a presence near the window. Riya notices blood on her cheek, causing panic. Later, Ajay reveals his true nature as a ghost, leaving everyone stunned. Elsewhere, Twinkle contemplates divorcing her husband, Som, due to his financial situation. However, her mother insists that she must stay with him. Gaura, pretending to search for the ghost, hopes Rekha discovers the truth soon. The episode ends with Ajay punishing Rekha, accusing her of falsely accusing his innocent wife. Riya seeks solace with her in-laws, who believe she is a ghost. Gaura intervenes, defending Riya, but is dragged down by Ajay, further adding to the dramatic tension.

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