Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 30th May 2023 Written Episode: Spine-Chilling Haunting Unveiled

Rekha continues to suffer from intense burning pain caused by Maha Panditji’s curse, causing concern for Gaura, who attempts to assist her. Meanwhile, Twinkle contacts her mother and shares her promise to walk barefoot to the temple for the sake of Rekha’s soul. However, her mother expresses worry about Twinkle’s feet and suggests finding a replacement for the task. Twinkle insists that Som, her love interest, would not agree as he deeply loves his mother. Her mother reassures her, promising to handle the situation. In the conversation, Twinkle expresses gratitude for the halwa sent by her mother, but her mother denies sending it, urging Twinkle to investigate the sender’s motives. As Twinkle heads out to inquire, Chanchal interrupts, diverting her attention to the pooja item list. Twinkle sternly warns Chanchal to refrain from mentioning Gaura in her presence.

Rekha confides in Gaura, describing the excruciating pain akin to molten lava coursing through her soul. Gaura promises to bring ice to alleviate her suffering. Meanwhile, Som steps out, engaged in a phone conversation, unknowingly approaching Rekha. Gaura intervenes, preventing Som from stepping on her. In the process, Gaura slips, and Som rushes to her aid, inquiring about her identity and the reason she pulled him aside. Gaura fabricates a story, claiming she saved him from a rat. Som questions the whereabouts of the rat, but Gaura asserts that it escaped. Suspicious, Som wonders why she is wandering around his house. Gaura quickly improvises, introducing herself as a new servant. Before Som can question further, he receives another call and departs.

Twinkle confronts Gaura, seeking to uncover the identity of the person who sent the halwa. Gaura recollects the delivery agent and pretends to be the agent’s sister, claiming that her brother sent the halwa as compensation for his mistake. Twinkle insists on seeing her face, but Gaura explains that she can only reveal herself to her family members. Twinkle instructs Gaura to prepare food, providing her with money, intending to impress Som with her culinary skills. However, Gaura feels trapped in the situation. Meanwhile, Twinkle excitedly prepares for her upcoming trip to Switzerland, packing multiple bags. Som amusingly observes her enthusiasm.

In an attempt to ease Rekha’s pain, Gaura applies sandalwood paste from the temple to her feet, but it proves ineffective. Later, while Gaura is in the kitchen, Kanchan accuses her of theft. Twinkle and Som enter the scene, and Kanchan tries to catch a glimpse of Gaura’s face, but Twinkle intervenes, preventing her from doing so. Twinkle explains that she hired Gaura as a cook, adding to the ongoing drama.

Precap: Twinkle suggests that Gaura wear a similar saree and replace her for the pooja, setting the stage for an intriguing turn of events.

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