Meet 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet’s Words Spark Doubt in Meet’s Mind About Sarkar

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Meta Description: Read the written episode update for 1st June 2023 of Meet, where Sumeet’s words raise suspicions in Meet’s mind regarding Sarkar. Stay updated with the latest twists and turns in the storyline.

In the latest written episode update of Meet, Meet is shocked when the orphanage manager claims that Akhil is her child. Doubting the connection, Meet recalls her strong bond with Cheeku and decides to get a DNA test done. Meanwhile, Sarkar’s manipulations and Gunwanti’s ulterior motives add to the intrigue. Read on to discover the twists and turns in the storyline.

Heading: Meet Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelation and Manipulations Unfold

Introduction: In the latest episode of Meet, the story takes a surprising turn as Meet is shocked to learn that the orphanage manager claims Akhil as her child. However, she doesn’t feel the same connection with him as she did with Cheeku. Determined to prove her belief, Meet decides to get a DNA test done to confirm Cheeku’s identity. Meanwhile, Sarkar’s manipulations and Gunwanti’s hidden agenda complicate matters further. Let’s delve into the details of this gripping episode.

Content: Meet’s world is turned upside down when the orphanage manager asserts that Akhil is her child. However, she recalls the deep bond she felt with Cheeku when he called her “mumma” and becomes certain that Akhil is not her son. Despite the manager’s insistence, Meet firmly believes that Cheeku is her child. She proposes a DNA test to provide evidence and adopt Cheeku.

Meanwhile, a mysterious informant notifies Sarkar about Meet’s determination to adopt Cheeku. The orphanage manager taunts Meet, accusing her of being a heartless mother for denying her own child. He refuses to let Meet take Cheeku without evidence. Meet confidently assures him that she will provide DNA test reports in the evening.

On the other hand, Sumeet is busy decorating the house to welcome Cheeku. Gunwanti pretends to assist Sumeet, hoping to impress Meet and secure a partnership in the factory. Gunwanti’s sudden change in behavior raises suspicions among family members, including Mahendra.

Meet calls Cheeku and embraces him tightly. Cheeku expresses his fear and longing for Sumeet while sharing his encounter with Sarkar at the orphanage. Meet and Manmeet contemplate Sarkar’s intentions, sensing a hidden motive.

After Meet and Manmeet leave, Shagun arrives at the orphanage, expressing her desire to adopt a child. Meanwhile, Sumeet surprises Meet and Manmeet by blindfolding them and revealing the decorations she has prepared for Cheeku’s arrival. Sumeet’s efforts bring joy to Meet’s face. She has already made space for Cheeku in her cupboard, divided the toys, and created a timetable for playing and studying with him. Meet appreciates Sumeet’s gestures and promises to bring her “Cheek bhaiya” home soon.

Manmeet is taken aback by Gunwanti’s changed behavior, but Meet believes it is a positive sign. Sumeet inquires about the DNA test, and Meet explains its significance as the thread connecting loved ones. Sumeet lightens the mood by playfully interpreting DNA as “Dear Near Apne,” bringing a smile to Manmeet’s face.

A startling revelation occurs when Masoom gifts Sumeet a locket with a Mata Rani pendant, similar to the one Cheeku had. Sumeet reveals that she had given the same locket to Sarkar, requesting him to return it to Cheeku when he returned from the hospital. This realization leads Meet to suspect Sarkar’s prior knowledge about Cheeku being her child.

In the upcoming episode, tensions rise as Meet confronts

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