Kumkum Bhagya 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Aaliya’s Manipulative Tactics on Rhea

The episode begins with Prachi being followed by some goons as she tries to escape. She gets into her car and prepares to start it, but the goons snatch the keys and throw them away. Unfazed, Prachi confronts them, criticizing their behavior towards women and asserting her lack of fear. The goons claim to be scared and reveal their intentions. Prachi throws money at them, but they dismiss it, stating they have enough money and demand something else. As they attempt to drag her away, Ranbir arrives and grabs her hand. Ranbir scolds her for running away from home again, expressing his frustration and professing his deep love for her. He claims to have killed seven people who were staring at his wife, emphasizing his possessiveness. Frightened, the goons flee. Prachi scolds Ranbir for his actions, warning him of the consequences. She reminds him that the police would have arrested him if anything had happened. They reconcile and embrace each other as it starts to rain.

Meanwhile, Rhea witnesses their intimate moment and becomes emotional. She drives away, and Aaliya arrives at the scene. Rhea tearfully embraces her, and Aaliya takes her back home. Aaliya admonishes Rhea for not listening to her and emphasizes the importance of fighting for one’s rights, whether it’s for love or family. Rhea, confused and uncertain, expresses her confusion about what she should fight for. Aaliya becomes frustrated, feeling that Rhea has changed and lost her fiery spirit, blaming Pragya for the transformation. Aaliya determines to bring back Rhea’s fire.

Prachi returns home and shares her ordeal with Shahana, grateful that Ranbir was there to protect her. Shahana comments on how Ranbir always stands up for Prachi during difficult times. Prachi disagrees, saying that Ranbir wasn’t there when she needed him the most. Shahana teases Prachi, suggesting that her heart melts whenever Ranbir’s name is mentioned. Prachi denies it, but Shahana insists that Prachi feels the same way Ranbir feels for her. Ranbir returns home and finds Rhea. Concerned, Rhea reveals that she was worried about him and insists on taking care of him. Ranbir tries to dissuade her, but Rhea becomes emotional and leaves.

Later, Prachi throws a birthday party for Khushi and invites the children from the orphanage. Prachi notices that Khushi is upset and tries to talk to her, but Khushi refuses to speak to her. Khushi locks Prachi in a room, upset that Prachi complained about Shiv, whom Khushi cares about deeply. Prachi tries to reason with Khushi, assuring her that it was for her own safety. Shahana advises Prachi to leave and let her handle Khushi. Shahana sneaks into the room through a window and convinces Khushi to open the door. Shahana reassures Khushi that Prachi is her real mother and explains how Prachi longed for her and prayed to find her. Khushi realizes that Prachi and Ranbir are her parents and regrets praying to be with them, as her wish has come true.

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