Katha Ankahee 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan Takes on Babysitting Duty for Amrita and Keith’s Child

In this episode of “Katha Ankahee” on 23rd May 2023, Katha discusses the importance of Aarav making friends his age with Neerja. Neerja questions Katha’s friendship, highlighting the age difference between them. However, Neerja recognizes that Katha has filled the void of missing love in her children’s lives and hopes Aarav can also provide support for Robin. Katha’s primary focus is on ensuring Aarav’s happiness.

The next day, Batman and Robin reunite, expressing how much they missed each other. Robin was occupied with exams, just like Batman. Robin asks Batman if he is still tense, to which Batman’s mother suggests that Robin can be his stress buster. Batman brings juices, while Robin brings a protein bar. Batman’s friends tease him about having weak punches, so Robin asks Batman to demonstrate. Batman punches, making Robin fall down, and Robin uses this opportunity to warn other kids about Batman’s powerful punches.

During a parent-teacher meeting, the principal extends condolences for a student who experienced exam-related nervousness. The teachers emphasize the importance of prioritizing mental well-being over marks. However, a parent disagrees, advocating for a more competitive approach to prepare students for the future. Katha interjects, suggesting that children need guidance with a vision rather than forced learning. She also proposes fostering healthy communication between teachers and parents to address various issues. The principal agrees and mentions the development of an app for anonymous discussions between parents and teachers.

Kavita asks Reet about Yohan’s condition and mentions her desire to speak with Viaan. Reet shares her meeting with Viaan and Kavita questions Reet’s behavior, considering it unethical to eavesdrop on her and Mr. Garewal. Kavita leaves, planning to inform Mr. Garewal herself.

Viaan video calls Amrita, who appears exhausted. Amrita and Keith are happily tired, and they ask Viaan to visit since the baby misses him. Amrita requests Viaan to think of a name for the baby. Viaan engages with the baby and considers naming her Magic, although he worries about potential teasing. Katha overhears Amrita mentioning her name and silently leaves the room. Amrita reveals that she has slept all night, and Keith intends to provide their child with the best. Viaan questions their decision to not hire a nanny, and Amrita asks for his help based on his experience with nannies and raising ten children.

Katha arrives at her office, frustrated with Viaan for discussing her with his friends. In her anger, she breaks the cabinet’s handle. Vanya enters the office and notices Katha’s mood but encourages them to continue working. Katha assigns Vanya a task to design a mini project about a citizen club in Lonavala. Vanya questions the group project and expresses her desire to work independently, but Katha insists on the benefits of group projects for Vanya’s growth.

Amrita informs Viaan that her mother couldn’t come to help, as taking care of the baby is a full-time job. Viaan offers to assist and promises to be the world’s best nanny. Amrita appreciates his help and reveals that the baby hasn’t slept yet. Viaan assures her that he knows how to check the milk temperature before feeding the baby and sends Amrita to sleep. He tries to comfort the crying baby, showing her the gifts he bought. As the baby continues to cry, Viaan realizes he needs to change her diaper but is unsure how to do it.

In the upcoming episode, Viaan calls Ehsan to arrange for a nanny as the baby continues crying. Ehsan brings Katha to assist Viaan

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