Junooniyat Written Episode Update: Ilahi Faces Humiliation at the Party on June 20th, 2023

Jordan comforts Ilahi as she expresses discomfort in her dress choice, while Mahi confronts her and demands she follow proper etiquette. Meanwhile, Jahan assures Ilahi that his parents will accept her for who she is. In another scene, Jahan pleads with his ailing mother to open her eyes and speak to him, reminiscing about their happy moments. Later, at the party, Ilahi faces embarrassment when she unintentionally spits on Mehta, an influential guest. Mahi berates Ilahi, and people criticize her manners, questioning her suitability as a daughter-in-law. Additionally, the food at the event receives negative reviews until Ilahi steps in to fix the pasta, impressing everyone and earning appreciation for her culinary skills.

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