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June 14 is World Blood Donor Day. donate blood! Raise awareness using blood related jokes.

Why do vampires never get sick?
Because they always keep their blood group B positive!

What did the hematologist do to break the ice at the party?
That “Type O” personality started the conversation!

Why did the red blood cell break away from the white blood cell?
Because he found out that he was very contagious!

Why do vampires believe in life after death?
Because they know it’s all in the vein!

Why did the vampire go to art school?
Because he wanted to draw blood!

What is a blood cell’s favorite type of music?
Anything but heavy metals… that’s too much iron!

Why did the blood cell get the ticket?
It didn’t stop at a red light!

What is a vampire’s least favorite city?
Venice… Too much garlic and holy water!

How do you know a vampire has a cold?
He starts the coffin!

Why did the white blood cell go to the party?
Because it was free from peer pressure!

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