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July 3rd is International Plastic Bag Free Day! Find some jokes about it!

How can you stop baby from turning blue?
Take it out of the plastic bag.

Doctor, am I going to lose my legs?
I don’t know man, here’s a plastic bag with your feet, if you lose it it’s your responsibility

Grocery Store Cashier:
Would you like it in a paper or plastic bag?
Me: Either way, I’m double-edged.

Why did plastic bags go for therapy?
It couldn’t stand the pressure and it felt like everything inside had shrunk.

I never bring my plastic bag whenever we go on vacation.
I always forget to pack.

Why does the TSA want to put your liquids in a clear plastic bag?
It is worth looking at why this is so.

He buys bread, and the baker asks if he would like his bread packaged in paper or plastic.
The boy replies, “The baguette as you like”.

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