In life, be it rummy or politics, the Joker will serve you well

Preparations for Women’s Day are in full swing since 11 am. Events and discussions are underlined. However, more than feeling like an empowered woman, I have started feeling like Ganpati Bappa, who is made to sit on stage, and after immersion, disappears for the rest of the year. In the middle of writing some notes, my sister calls.

‘Hurry, I have three panel discussions to prepare for!’
The way only sisters can hurl nuclear weapons at each other and come out unscathed, she says, ‘Why did they invite you?’ And then adds, ‘I guess they’ll have to make do with what they can get.’
‘Okay, can I go now?’

She ignores me and says, ‘Have you been watching the news, I’m so angry about what Putin is doing!’
‘Really? I am sure he is very concerned about your opinion.
‘close. You remember that girl Gulya from Istanbul? I remember when we were talking about Putin once, he said, “His testicles are all over Turkey.”
“You mean trap, don’t you?” I asked him.
And Gulia said, “Testicles, tentacles, the same.”

‘Yeah, I’ve never been able to get that image of Putin out of my mind,’ I answer. But you know what, I’ve become a big fan of Zelensky! The US offered to evacuate him and he said, “I want ammunition, not a ride.” Wow! But he’s a guy who knows how to stand up anyway, right? He was a comedian before becoming president
Of Ukraine.

Zelensky was a former actor and comedian.

Truth be told Didi, in the world we live in, nowadays comedians seem to be the smartest.
Although I think it is also true historically. In every court there have been jesters and jokers who are often wiser than other courtiers because sometimes you have to turn things upside down to see the right side.’
My sister sighs, ‘Please save these lectures for your conferences. You are such a bloody fool. I hope you give others a chance to voice their opinion in your panel discussions!’

3 p.m. During the post-afternoon slump, with a third cup of coffee in my hand, I feel a sense of well-being. It is not the caffeine but the discovery that my favorite Union minister Ramdas Athawale, who is famous for trying to eliminate Covid through epigrams like ‘Go Corona Go’, not only in a tweet butchered Shashi Tharoor’s English Has done right, but has also written a poem in which he has rhymed Shashi. With laughter At this rate, I doubt she could become the next Rupi Kaur, or even better, have her own show like Kapil Sharma.

5 pm Satire is the art of looking at inner truths through a peculiarly slanted magnifying glass, and few do it better than Hasan Minhaj. In 2015, Minhaj wrapped a scarf around her neck and shouted, “It says, I’m Audrey Hepburn walking around the plaza.” Next, he wrapped the same blue scarf around his head and said, “It says, I’m here to kill Audrey Hepburn while she’s walking around the plaza.” The video exposed the ridiculousness of a scarf around the head being more sinister than one around the neck.

Once again, it’s the clowns who seem smarter than us
Minister because the conversation going on in India about the hijab does not revolve around liberation, as it is being told. It’s about discrimination.

Burqas, hijabs and even ghunghats have worked their way into the religious and cultural construct. While I am not an advocate for any kind of veil, it is up to the women to decide without being intimidated into taking any sides.

I must admit that hearing some religious leaders talk about how a hijab prevents men from wooing them makes one laugh. All these brothers should sit down and let the stand-up do the talking instead.
Very few men consider a woman’s head to be an erogenous zone. Can you imagine having a night-long conversation that includes, ‘Wow your head is feeling so hot today’?

‘Oh, thank you darling, I keep it in shape by trying not to obsess over its beauty.’

Watching the last episode of The Tinder Swindler at 7 p.m., I get an idea about my house show, Spiritual Swindler. It is difficult to walk on the roads in our country without falling into a pothole or bumping into a baba and to be honest, the results are almost the same.

One would think that the highly educated would be free from such superstitions, but then you have Chitra Ramakrishna, who runs the National Stock Exchange based on advice she received from a mysterious baba via email.

Now that the picture is being examined, Baba, I see that a change has disappeared with the help of the mantra. It is also difficult to send summons to religious leaders because Vir Das once said, ‘Why would you summon Baba Ramdev? It’s just cruel. The man has no pocket. Where is he going to keep it?’

Instead of fakirs, focusing on stand-up can be a wise decision. With the former, the only price you pay is what’s stated on the admission ticket, or even better, what’s included in your Netflix subscription.

Ignoring my ‘no devices after dinner’ rule at 9 p.m., I’m scrolling through social media. Clips from Zelensky’s acting days and his stint on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ are all over the internet. But perhaps it is the moving line that will be remembered for generations: “When you attack, you will see our faces, not our backs”.

Zelensky, a former comedian, has truly become a global hero.
Baba Twinkdev, the only guru I would recommend you listen to on alternate Sundays and then ignore, once said, ‘Son, life and rummy follow the same rules, it’s better to have a joker in your hand, Ace in hand. sleeve.’ After all, it’s not the former spy’s Putin maneuvers, but Zelensky’s stand-up act that has rallied the world to Ukraine’s side.



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