Imlie Imlie: Shocking Twist! Devika Accuses Imlie and Gets Her Arrested

Imlie 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shocking Twist! Devika Accuses Imlie and Gets Her Arrested

In the latest episode of Imlie, Kairi emotionally embraces Imlie after she promises to find her lost “monkey paa” Atharva. Chini, Imlie’s sister, sends Kairi to her room, urging her to stay away as they plan to search for Atharva themselves. Devika had explicitly instructed Chini not to interfere in their lives. Imlie reminds Chini that Devika herself had given her the right to search for her daughter and will now extend the same effort to find Devika’s son.

Chini, overwhelmed with fear, worries that Atharva might have abandoned her, just like he did with Imlie five years ago. Dhairya, noticing Chini’s distress, questions her presence in a particular location. Chini expresses concern for Atharva, and Dhairya reassures her that the entire family shares the same worry. Meanwhile, Imlie realizes that Chini might have noticed her leaving the house and decides to join Dhairya in the search for Atharva.

Reyansh, driven by his animosity towards Atharva, believes that his hard-earned fame cannot be snatched away. He rushes to the CCTV control room to delete the footage. However, his panic escalates when Mr. Mehta informs him about the ongoing police investigation. Spotting Imlie and Dhairya in the studio, Reyansh and Mr. Mehta frantically attempt to delete the footage, encountering technical difficulties. Imlie, determined to uncover the truth, insists on reviewing the CCTV footage. To her surprise, she finds Reyansh and Mr. Mehta present in the control room. Reyansh feigns innocence while Imlie suspects foul play. Disappointed, Imlie vows to find Atharva regardless of the obstacles.

The police arrive at the Rana house, questioning the family about their suspicions regarding Atharva’s disappearance. Chini accuses Imlie, claiming that she doesn’t want Atharva to marry her. Rudra sternly warns Chini to refrain from accusing Imlie. However, Devika supports Chini’s claim and insists that the police arrest Imlie on charges of kidnapping her son. Chaos ensues, and the inspector decides to arrest Imlie until proven innocent. Sensing an opportunity, Imlie manages to escape from the bathroom. Devika asserts that Imlie’s escape confirms her guilt. Rudra defends Imlie, explaining that even an innocent person would be frightened when falsely accused. Devika continues to cry and curse Imlie until Ms. Paty arrives, lightening the mood and addressing Devika as “maa,” assuring her that her son will return safely.

In the upcoming episode, Imlie will reach Reyansh’s hideout and attempt to rescue Atharva. Reyansh warns her about the danger she has put herself and Kairi in by trying to free Atharva.

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