ICYMI September 2022 #23 – The Power of Memes, 7 Years of Cera, and Attacking an Astroid!

Welcome back for the twenty-third edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look at the fun and noteworthy happenings in the Imgur community. We’ll cover community events, heartwarming stories, unique creations, and updates from the folks here at HQ.

Let’s get started!

*One Person’s Trash*

For her Master’s thesis, Imgurian @spadinaaa pioneered a top secret process to turn plastics into yarn. From there, she learned how to bobbin lace, and the garbage bag dress was born. After her first post went viral, she was invited to display her work for New York Fashion Week! In a follow-up to her first post, she expressed her thanks and shared some of her other works and new pieces she created for the event. Hundreds of Imgurians made garbage puns and left comments of encouragement to cheer her on.

Craft your own pun and check out her creations here.

*Share Your Setup*

For National Video Games Day, we partnered with Alienware to bring a few lucky Imgurians some sweet new gear. The games we play and the places we play them are an extension of ourselves. The decor on display in our gaming rooms is a gamer’s expression and outlet for their creativity. Out of the hundreds of setups shared that day, three caught the eye of the community and our judges.

Congratulations, @ACatnippedKitty, (top) @aFadingMemory, (bottom left) and @BrazilianThunderPanda! (bottom right)

Take some inspiration from all the setups shared to the #SetupContest tag!

*Imgur on TV*

After a little internet sleuthing led to an embarrassing discovery, an old post has surged in popularity. This discovery landed it on TV, to the amusement of many. In a rags-to-riches moment, this reimagining of a state flag from Imgurian @0101010111010001 would rise from less than ten upvotes to over a thousand more than two years after its initial upload. The internet works in mysterious ways. Will this become the next macaroni fork-esque post that Imgurians will make a pilgrimage to? Time will tell.

Take the trip to the now legendary post here.

*A Grate Story*

With the permission of @grateartiste, Imgurian @gablestout took it upon themselves to recap the tale told in their posts. The story was told over ten chapters in a series of videos. For many, the Artiste’s posts were a fun series of independent works of art rather than an ongoing storyline. Now that we’ve got this, it’s safe to say that there has always been a method to the madness. We patiently await the next chapter as the story continues to unfold.

Get up to speed on the story here.

*Hometown Traditions*

The Hometown Traditions event returned this year for a three-day celebration of cultures and local customs. Imgur is a cultural kaleidoscope, and the community did not disappoint when it came to unique and interesting content. From @KarouLilliehook’s post about their people, The Saami, to @MEATCASTLE’s post educating us all on the Pittsburgh potty and everything in between, there was an abundance of fun facts to amuse us.

Check out the local legends, landmarks, and time-honored traditions you may have missed on the #HometownTradition tag.

*NASA Asteroid Attack*

After the James Webb Telescope pictures were released earlier this year, we figured it’d be a while before any fun news about space floated across our screens. After launching in November 2021, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) would lead to a first for humanity and a heaping helping of memes. The mission to crash a spaceship into an asteroid was a success, and the footage of the test made its rounds on the interwebs. Here at home, Imgurians shared memes and edits and celebrated the achievement for humankind. Great job, humans. We’ve avenged the dinosaurs.

Stop by #NASA to catch up on all things DART.

*7 Years of Cera*

What started as a quick and fun way to practice photoshop would grow into an Imgur phenomenon. Seven years later, the legend @ANewBadlyPhotoshoppedPhotoofMichaelCeraEveryday is still at it. While they were not the first to photoshop Michael Cera poorly, they took the torch and ran with it, planting their flag as the resident photoshopper of Cera. Even though the posts may not come daily anymore, they are a treat when they appear.

Check out the latest Cera edit, featuring the DART mission from NASA.

*The Power of Memes*

A few years ago, Imgurian @MrToday shared a meme. Another would eventually message him, leading to an almost immediate friendship. After years of messaging daily and dating online due to covid restrictions, the two would finally meet and ultimately marry. Hundreds of Imgurians took to the comments to congratulate them and make jokes about the relative rarity of their union. Next time you hear that memes are a waste of time, remember that they’ve been directly responsible for multiple marriages this year alone.

Say a few nice words on their post here.

*Bugs & Fixes Update*

You’ve made it to the end! Before you go, we’ll go over the currently known bugs on Imgur, and share updates on bug fixes we’ve made.

We are currently releasing an app update for Android (v6.2.0), be sure to update as soon as these updates are available to get your hands on the below changes. – NEW: Overhauled the comment viewing experience. When tapping a notification for a comment, you’ll now see the full post and the context surrounding it.

– NEW: Added “Trending Tags” to the post creation flow when adding tags.

– The bug causing post titles to appear under different content has been re-squashed.

– Attempting to add a comment when viewing a specific image in a dump will now function as intended without pushing you back to the grid

– Navigating between favorites in a folder won’t display a “no more posts in stream” anymore

– Muting a user via chat will no longer display an error

We are aware of an issue with the latest Apple OS which is preventing search from being useable. We hope to resolve this soon.

A comprehensive list of known issues can be found on our help site.

If you ever experience something that doesn’t seem right, be it a bad ad or a bug, you can contact us here. Imgurians who report new bugs will earn the Bug Hunter and also receive a free month of Imgur Emerald!

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