ICYMI October 2022 #24 – Cosplay a Day, a Large Stingray, and Skittles for Science!

Welcome to another edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look at the happenings in the Imgur community. We’ll be covering community events, heartwarming stories, unique creations, and updates from the people here at HQ.

let’s get started!

*Halloween Costume Contest*

This year saw the biggest ever turnout for the costume contest. Thousands of Imgurians graced our screens with getups, gourd pumpkin carvings and delectable demonic decorations. Take a look at the roundup post and see how things shook out!

check it out #costume contest2022 Tag along to see all the spine-chilling costumes you missed.

*World Mental Health Day*

World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10, a day to raise awareness and advocate against social stigma around mental issues. We encouraged the community to celebrate by offering advice, positive affirmations, or simply showing support. Hundreds of Imgurians did just that and more. From heartfelt posts thanking their peers for listening to them to infographics, resources, and advice, there was no shortage of positive vibes.

stopped by #mental health day To see all the great things Imgurians have shared.

*Black Cat Day*

Cats have always been a staple on Imgur, but for one day, our dark-haired friends took the spotlight. Black cats are often associated with bad luck and various superstitions, and the day aims to help rid the world of those negative prejudices. About a thousand black cats were shared that day, and millions of Imgurians walked in black cat tags to celebrate with the owners.

Featured: @WinnipegGhost, @LessofJess, @blackcatsandhotrods, @ThisIsNotMyALTAccount, @powerhausen, @GrannyLlama, @drunkendorkAnd @cheeksmcgee,

For more cute cat content, visit #Black Cat,

*Skittles for Science*

The Internet is a magical place for many reasons, but the ability to feed your curiosities and share them with the world is one of its best uses. Imgurian @ultimasummer Wanted to see how Rasgullas are distributed according to taste, they decided to take us on a journey with them.

Every day a new pack of Skittles was emptied and counted, with data and tables provided for every ten. To date, 27 containers of Skittles have been counted, and we are patiently awaiting 30-day data.

visit @ultimasummerProfile for Tasting the Rainbow!

*Cosplay A Day*

Spooktober, for a whole month of Imgurians @josiemarcellino And @AlsoAshley Shared costumes daily. Every one of her posts went viral most of the month, cementing her as a staple of the cosplay community.

Between unconventional looks like the Kool-Aid Man from comic book classics from Marvel and DC, these two titans of cosplay didn’t disappoint. We hope this trend continues into next year and we can’t wait to see what you two create from here!

*Imgurian LYFT Passenger*

what they call “fishing for imgurians”, @thanksforall Mentions Imgur in most conversations and encounters with new people. It’s always exciting to meet another Imgurian in the wild. @thanksforall Drives for LYFT and meets all kinds of people on his journey.

This month he had the good fortune to pick up an Imgurian to take him to the airport. After a few minutes of pleasant chat, they went their separate ways without changing usernames. Luckily, they’ll reconnect on the site and start another great conversation.

Leave his post here: https://imgur.com/gallery/zvQZhqs,

*I (we) did a thing!*

when imgurians @BubblesIsntSure As a child, his passion for fishing was ignited by a chance encounter helping a stranger catch one. In a full circle moment, he enlisted the help of two random passers-by to catch the biggest fish of his life. This father and son duo would approach discreetly, just asking to be seen. However, he jumped in when his assistance was requested.

After catching up, they talked, and the son is an Imgurian! Their phones were dead, and they were unable to exchange usernames, but @BubblesIsntSure Promised to share photos and videos of this ordeal, and fortunately, they will cope with it.

You can find the latest updates on this encounter here: https://imgur.com/gallery/qQ8lSTm,

*Dead Space Brace* Back in July, @dunnotherPlate armor and chain mail post at the field day event was a category winner for “Parts and Crafts”. Fast forward to this month, and their creative adventures have gone viral the most. Leg braces and spinal support became necessary once the spinal condition was diagnosed.

When he took a good look at them, he noticed a certain sci-fi exoskeleton aesthetic. In a request to the community, he asked for ideas on how to adapt the brace to fit his new vision. Hundreds of Imgurians commented to provide ideas and cheer him on.

Share some thoughts and join the conversation on the full post: https://imgur.com/gallery/kezqlP2t,

*Bug and Fix Updates*

You’ve made it to the end! Before you go, we’ll go over the currently known bugs on Imgur, and share updates on the bug fixes we’ve made.

New in Android v6.2.2

– NEW: Appreciation Link! more information Here,

– NEW: Added “Trending Tags” to the post creation flow when adding tags.

– Fixed a bug that prevented access to your phone’s permissions on Android 13

New in iOS 2022.12.0

– The search option in the Search menu on iOS 16 has been resolved. We are working to fix this for reaction gifs in our next release

– Long press to favorite a post now correctly highlights the heart icon

– Several stability fixes have been implemented

We are aware of issues where:

– iOS Search not working properly React Within GIFs,

– Android GIF and Video not looping correctly,

A comprehensive list of known issues can be found at on our support site,

If you ever experience something that doesn’t feel right, whether it’s a bad ad or a bug, You can Contact Us here, Imgurians who report new bugs will earn Bug Hunter and also get a free month imgur page,

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