ICYMI November 2022 #25 – Recipes, Rotisserie Chicken, Gladiator Games, and More!

Welcome back for another edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look into the happenings in the Imgur community. We’ll cover community events, heartwarming stories, unique creations, and updates from the folks here at HQ.

Let’s get started!

*Imgurian Cookbook Chapter 2*

(Featured: @16us, @LessofJess, @CleverLoserName, @wazscience, @telecomteardown, and @mohanyadav)

The holiday season is here, and with it comes friends, family, and, most importantly, food! Earlier this year, we collectively created chapter one of the Imgurian cookbook. This month, we wrote chapter two, filled with holiday recipes for the whole family. From Japanese jambalaya from @16us, to Pecan Pie Cheesecake from @CleverLoserName, and everything in between, we saw an amazing assortment of dishes. It’s safe to say the cooks in our community did not disappoint!

Feast your eyes on a few delicious dishes in the #Imgurian_Cookbook tag.

*Extra Life*

For the past six years, hundreds of Imgurians have come together under the Team Imgur moniker on the first weekend of November to fundraise for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in a 24-hour charity gaming event called Extra Life. Together we raise much-needed funds for sick and injured children whose families otherwise can’t afford the healthcare they might need.

This year the team raised over $43,000 for the kids! From silly haircuts and temporary tattoos to beanboozles and googly eyes, you all went above and beyond with incentives to secure those donations. You rock!

Congratulations, and thanks to all of the Imgurians who helped fundraise for this fantastic cause. The biggest, bearest of hugs for those who donated or hyped the Twitch chat to make this year extra special. Special shout-out to our top Team Imgur fundraiser @gettingold and all of the Imgurians who joined the 24-hour stream! @marpizza @MadameRainbowPants @Kantackistan @GingerSnark @WhoBuiltTheArk @Nerdiwan @interesseret, and @AspectHistory.

You can watch some of the highlights from the stream here.

*Philly Chicken Man*

Some of the best things in life are better left to the imagination. Well, one of those things is the Philly Chicken Man. For reasons unknown to the world, this brave soul decided to consume forty consecutive chickens, with the 40th meal making a modern art masterpiece.

People from all over the city migrated to an abandoned pier to watch him eat, making for the strangest congregation of people we’ve seen in ages. After a friend shared it with Imgurian @EvilCatCreations, they paid forward this poultry story and posted this “non-party” to the amusement of many.

For more photos of the event, stop by @EvilCatCreationspost.

*Donating 50+ Toilets*

To honor their late brother, Imgurian @thatguythatsreallyhot started JWR Outreach, a charity to support underserved communities with vital resources like nutrition, medical care, and education. Earlier this month, they shared their initiative to provide toilets to several families in the Philippines. Many communities in the Philippines don’t have access to sanitary toilet facilities or ‘Comfort Rooms.’

Their ultimate goal is to achieve zero open defecation in the areas they support. So far, they have installed a handful of toilets. Kindhearted Imgurians offered their support to increase that number. Hopefully, with our help, they can reach their goal of 50+ by the end of 2023!

Donate to the cause in the full post here.

*Bubble Wrap The Cat*

Earlier this month, Imgurian @BottomShelfVodka posted about a stray cat that had been visiting them for a few weeks. Not able to leave the poor cat out in the cold, they got a small tent and heating lamp for him to use until they could find him a home. They wouldn’t need to wait long because mere hours after the post went live, kindhearted Imgurians @missymischief13 and @macthelost would reach out to offer him a furrever home.

Macthelost ended up being local and welcomed the cat with open arms. Bubble Wrap has settled in nicely to his new home and is safe and happy. The Imgur community is bursting at the seams with compassionate people, and this story is a testament to that.

Read more about Bubs McDubs’ story here.

*Secret Santa Workshop*

(Featured: @EightfoldFox, @asylum80, @GeekGurumis, @Aurosanda)

The Secret Santa workshop is a place to showcase what you make, how you make it, and where someone may go to purchase it. From paintings and lightning in a bottle to crochet creations, custom clothing, and more, Imgurians make so many amazing things with their hands. We invited the craftiest among us to share their wares for all to browse this holiday season. Thousands of Imgurians migrated to the workshop to scout out the perfect gift or to post their creations for the proverbial flea market.

Stop by #SecretSantaWorkshop to check out the incredible items on offer!

*7-Year Labor of Love*

After seven years of development, Imgurian @jordylakieros has finally released their one-person project called “We Who Are About To Die.” Throughout development, they shared their progress with us, chronicling the creative process as the game took shape.

The music, 3d assets, sound effects, and more were created from scratch. They even spent two whole months learning the intricacies of music composition to bring more life to their passion project. This hard work would pay off, as the game released to critical acclaim at a near 90% approval rating on Steam.

Check out @jordylakieros’ profile to see more!

*All Thanks to This Community*

Sometimes, we simply need to ask for help. Imgurian @andidancedancedanceandidancedancedance did exactly that in a few heartfelt requests for help finding work. Expecting downvotes, they were pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support from their peers. Their fellow Imgurians provided job leads and even direct donations to help them get back on their feet. Shortly after their initial posts, they received an offer for a position as an apprentice with pay. Great job, Imgurians!


(Featured: @FoolishDoughnut, @modestfeline, @sharxbyte, @realisticcarpainting, @ssraii, and @FrannyArt)

This month marked the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and we thought we’d extend the thankful vibes to the entire community. For a few days, we encouraged everyone to share the things that mattered most to them. From Thanksgiving spreads to showing appreciation for friends, family, life, nature, or pets, we have a lot to appreciate. Even though we may not always show it or say it, this week, we did.

Visit #thankful to see some of the things Imgurians value.

*Bugs & Fixes Update*

You’ve made it to the end! Before you go, we’ll go over the currently known bugs on Imgur, and share updates on bug fixes we’ve made.

New in Android v6.3.4

– NEW: Memegen! Create a meme using our HD meme templates, or use your own image!

– Patched some bugs with links not appearing properly in some posts – GIFs and Videos now loop properly once again

– Some ad units will now dismiss rather than appear as blank boxes

– Hotfixed an issue preventing content from loading properly that occurred on Friday 12/2

New in iOS 2022.14.0

– Reaction GIF search has returned!

– The “More posts from” menu will no longer display your oldest posts first

– Navigating to certain user profiles will no longer result in a crash

– A bug preventing horizontal swipe navigation between posts in Card View has been squashed

A comprehensive list of known issues can be found on our help site.

If you ever experience something that doesn’t seem right, be it a bad ad or a bug, you can contact us here. Imgurians who report new bugs will earn the Bug Hunter and also receive a free month of Imgur Emerald!

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