ICYMI June 2022: Issue #20 – Farming, fan rooms, free food, and more!

Welcome back to another edition of In Case You Missed It, our monthly retrospective look at all the amazing happenings in the Imgur community. We’ll cover highlights, heartwarming stories, original creations, and updates from the peeps here at Imgur HQ from Imgurians.

let’s get started!

*Dream Places*

This month we asked the Imgur community to let their wanderlust run wild and share their favorite travel spots. Imgurians posted hundreds showing places they’ve wanted to visit for the first time or want to return to. These pictures of places around the world filled our feeds with gorgeous countryside and cultures. For some, their dream destination wasn’t extravagant or far from home. Between local landmarks, mountain ranges, beaches and more, we’re glad to have found places that were special to you.

Scope out your next vacation spot on #dreamdestination Surname!

*wallpaper gallery*

This month we held our second annual Wallpaper Gallery. Wallpapers may seem like an insignificant set of pixels, but we think they are much more than that. We see them every day on our devices, and they represent something we hold dear. For this year’s Wallpaper Gallery, we saw a 2.5X increase in participation compared to last year. Millions of people visited the gallery to see the valuables of other Imgurians. From giant stars to enchanting landscapes or pictures of our furry friends, there were plenty of wallpaper-worthy posts to display.

visit #Wallpaper Some background to browse through.

*Update from Imgur HQ*

Over the past few months, we’ve been dedicating a lot of time to fixing bugs on all platforms, which has allowed us to start working on new and exciting projects. Two of which were recently released on Android:

~Comment Image Upload~ Level up your comment creation by selecting the image icon to add an image directly. Don’t worry, the image doesn’t upload until you make your comment, so take your time!

~Imgur Emerald $1.99~ On Android, we previously only offered Emerald membership to those with a Coil subscription. However, we are happy to inform that you can now buy emeralds from us directly within the app at a reduced cost. With Imgur Emerald, you’ll never see another ad, you have the ability to get rewarded for content you think goes above and beyond, and you get access to exclusive avatars and trophies.

To learn more about Imgur Emerald, or to join, tap or click here,
If you ever encounter something that doesn’t feel right or have any suggestions to share, we’d love to hear from you. you can contact us here,

Imgurians who report new bugs or submit great feedback can earn a Bug Hunter Trophy or a free month of Imgur Emerald!

*Pride Month*

In June, Imgur supported Pride Month as Imgurians around the world came out to celebrate and share their stories with the world. auta219 shared a photo of one of the rainbow crosswalks in Chicago’s Northalsted, one of the largest LGBTQIA+ neighborhoods in the United States. From The Proud Ponytail (and Dog Tail) from Imgurians kazia And kickdispig to display colorful decorations from thatsmrsfancypantstoyou, This month, the #Proud The tag was filled with beautiful LGBTQIA+ stories, celebrations, calls-to-action, allies, and history. 100% income from Pride-themed apparel and accessories The Imgur store will continue to visit GLSEN, an organization that aims to protect LGBTQIA+ students’ ability to learn and thrive in an environment free of harassment and bullying.

to visit #Proud Tag along to learn some of the stories and history of the LGBTQIA+ community.

*Urban Farming*

apt name Kisan Najau Have been an urban farmer for the past six years. In this slice of life post, he details his journey in building his latest farm from the ground up. Urban farms are important because they provide opportunities to access produce in areas that may suffer from food insecurity. Food from this farm goes directly to food banks and organizations that subsidize produce for places where income inequality is rampant. We’d like you in our corner when the zombies come, Kisan Najau, Keep up the good work supporting your community!

*Hydroponic Engineering*

Imgurian mrs greens Greens are also grown, but with one big difference. Soil is not required to grow plants in hydroponics. Because of this, plants grown by this method can be harvested year-round and help reduce food shortages in areas with harsh climates. This style of farming is complex, but mrs greens Got us covered. From filter replacement to in-store installs, he shows us the ins and outs of the hydroponic process in the informative post above.

*imgur inspiration*

Sometimes you come across something on the internet that tickles your creative itch. for imgurians igooutsidetoomuchtoknowifitsarepost, that was a picture of two cats in a hollowed-out box television. After getting inspired by this adorable display, he recreated it for his kitty. After a little mishappening of the television and a trip to the hardware store, the unorthodox cat bed was complete! Stop by the post to watch the construction process!

4 years free food

Over the years, the Imgurians freelady Has fed food to thousands of needy people. This month marked the fourth anniversary of the mile drive and service to its community. At over 200 food drive days and counting, she’s showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to helping families feed their children, she donates directly to elderly members of her community by helping them get groceries for their homes. Hundreds of Imgurians donate to her cause every year, with the ultimate goal that someday no child will go hungry. Thank you for everything you do freelady, You make a real impact on the world, and the Imgur community is happy to be a small part of it. If you want to see how you can help, head over to anniversary post,

*Jurassic Park Fan Room*

As a mega-fan of the franchise, Imgurion grumpy editor The journey to create the ultimate Jurassic Park-themed man cave begins. In a fun series of photos, he showed us his progress from start to (almost) end. Along with his feline supervisor, he laid tile, drilled holes, built a bar, installed shelves, and more! They started as a poker room/closet/hair salon in a quaint farm home; Something special happened. Take a look at the build process in the post above!

*H A Sketch Artist*

For the better part of a decade, Imgurians pikajane posted his Etch A Sketch creation to Imgur. This month, she achieved another milestone in her art career. He was featured on television last year, but this is the first time his work has been adapted into a full-length film. According to his research, this is the first time art from this medium has been used for a film; Sometimes. Congratulations pikajane, We hope to see more of your work in future films!

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