ICYMI July 2022 #21 – Upvote Everything Day, a Front Page Full of Stars, and 1000 Days of Buscemi!

Welcome back to In Case You Missed It, Issue number TWO ONE. PARTY TIME! For the uninitiated, ICYMI is our monthly retrospective recap of the haps in the Imgur Community, including top trends, heartwarming stories, achievements, and updates from the peeps here at Imgur HQ.

Let’s toast to the twenty-first edition and get started! glasses clink

*1000 Days of Buscemi*

Nearly three years ago, Imgurian @Bronnen set sail on a journey to User Sub to establish a habit. Why? Just to prove to themselves that they could. What started as something to do on a whim would grow into something more. Establishing a routine on Imgur opened the door to doing so in other places, like exercise, projects, and hobbies. This series is a prime example of the saying, “the steps you take don’t need to be big; they just need to take you in the right direction.”

Stop by @Bronnen‘s profile to cheer them on and follow along. Since the 1000-day mark, they’ve shown no signs of slowing. Here’s to 2,000!


Plants are a large part of our lives, and we figured they were due for some fun in the sun. After testing the waters last year with the first Greenthumb event, it was apparent that we had plenty of plant parents eager to post. Fast forward to this year, and we saw a 3x increase in participation over the inaugural event. Thousands of Imgurians posted their plants, and millions more browsed the botanicals on display. Greenthumb will return next year and is now a permanent part of our event repertoire.

Take a gander at all the greenery on #greenthumb.

*Field Day*

Last week we announced the winners of the 2022 Field Day event. With nearly 2,000 submissions, Imgurians competed for gold and glory in five categories. Pets, art, photography, GIFs, and cooking. The competition was fierce for two weeks, but ten creators rose to the top. Congratulations to @ParallelParkingInABurka, @QuicklyThisWay, @adohira, @zozozo333, @HotSauceMan, @EnigmaWearingHeels, @Dunothar, @AmyRevives, @HarleenQuinzel4, and @PaulDeGraaf on your victories!

Read the full roundup here.

*July 29*

Every year for the past six years, Imgur succumbs to a unique form of mass hysteria on July 29th. For 24 hours, every post is upvoted without question. From cringe-inducing comics to giggle-producing gifs, all random acts of weirdness are rewarded on this day.

Six years ago, Imgurian @ErinFromTheOffice put the Front Page on notice and proclaimed: “On July 29, 2016, upvote everything in User Sub. Everything. The FP people will finally know what it’s really like down here.”

And with that, a tradition was born. Six years later, like clockwork, Most Viral was awash with content of all kinds, from the weird to the wonderful. This year, over 1,000,000 upvotes were awarded to tens of thousands of posts and comments. There was an update on Imgur’s marriage, the return of otters with upvotes, and plenty more posts to make you do a double take.

If you want to know more about the origin of the tradition, @sarah has got you covered in this post.

*Front Page Full Of Stars*

As images from the James Webb Telescope started to surface in User Submitted, Imgurian @PaulDeGraaf tasked his peers to aid in a takeover of the Front Page. The day these photos dropped, the space tag saw a 40x increase in viewership and a 20x increase in posts. Millions of Imgurians joined the cause knowingly or not, and for almost a full day, the Front Page was indeed full of stars.

Visit the #space and #james_webb_space_telescope tags to catch up on the craze.

*Tribute to Dad*

In a heartfelt tribute, Imgurian @amastine shared the tattoos she got alongside her siblings to honor their late father. Years ago, in a game of scrabble, he played the word “flaming,” and their mother countered by adding the letter “o.” A squabble ensued over the existence of the word “flaming-o,” and after about fifteen minutes, the ultimate insider would be birthed.

Once the flamingo fail was revealed, it would change the course of their home decor for good. Hundreds of Imgurians left kind comments and condolences on the post, with some sharing some flamingos of their own.

Read the full tribute in their post here.

*Follow Your Dreams*

Imgurian @AnisJerbi is a recent high school graduate with osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare bone condition. He has a passion for art and an interest in politics, which are both reflected in his paintings. One of his portraits even made its way to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Upon graduation, he reached a fork in the proverbial road. Study political science or the arts?

When presented with two paths, he chose to go with his heart. In a series of posts teeming with self-confidence, he shared his excitement with us as he prepared for art school in Italy.

Leave a few words of encouragement here.

*From the Front Page to the Front Page*

A few months after a viral post celebrating the release of her book, Imgurian @zyrany found herself on another Front Page – the front page of her local newspaper. In an update to her previous post, she thanked the Imgur community for supporting her work and proudly displayed her spot in the paper. On top of appearing in the newspaper, she is holding a book signing at her local bookstore and has recently finished self-recording the audiobook. Keep up the great work, @zyrany; you’re doing us proud!

Say congrats or leave a nice comment on her most recent post.

*I need some help guys*

Imgurian @YourBasicWhiteGirl saw an abandoned puppy while she was out making a few deliveries and couldn’t leave him alone. She took him in on the spot and named him that too. Spot was covered in fleas and bites when he was found and was in serious need of a vet visit. The local no-kill shelters were full, so she knew she had to help.

That’s where the Imgur community came in. After explaining Spot’s situation and asking for help, the outpouring of support from her fellow Imgurians was staggering. The post was updated to include everything that Imgurians had directly paid for, including vaccinations, tests, labs, wound care, flea treatment, multiple medicines, food, and supplies. Good work, everyone. Together we can make a difference!

Stop by this post to see more of Spot.

*Bugs & Fixes Update*

You’ve made it to the end! Before you go, we’ll go over the currently known bugs on Imgur, and share updates on bug fixes we’ve made.

First off, we’ve been seeing a rise in reports of advertisements causing audio to play on iOS devices, we’re actively investigating these reports and if you’ve experienced this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

As a reminder, we hold our third-party advertising networks to a strict standard of quality that forbids ads that play sound automatically, show inappropriate imagery, automatically redirect you off of Imgur, or advertise inappropriate products. The fight against bad ads is never ending as bad actors are always trying to find new ways around our blocks to serve them. Regardless, they are never acceptable and we apologize to anyone who has experienced them.

We are currently releasing app updates for both iOS and Android, be sure to update as soon as these updates are available to get your hands on the below changes.

iOS version 2022.09.10:

– Profile crashes begone! Patched an issue that caused a crash when viewing certain users’ profiles

– Multiple quality of life changes to further improve app stability

Android version 6.1.0

Please note: this release is currently rolling out and may not be available to everyone today

– Squashed a bug that caused posts to disappear when navigating back to the grid

– Patched a pesky issue where tapping a post may open another post or posts appear with the wrong thumbnail in the grid

– Resolved an issue that causes an error to display on profiles when viewing the “Posts” tab

A comprehensive list of known issues can be found on our help site.

If you ever experience something that doesn’t seem right, be it a bad ad or a bug, you can contact us here. Imgurians who report new bugs will earn the Bug Hunter and also receive a free month of Imgur Emerald!

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