ICYMI August 2022 #22 – Donations, Dirt, and Days in Our Lives!

Welcome back to In Case You Missed It, our monthly roundup of all the neat goings on that have been happening in the Imgur community. We’ll cover highlights from Imgurians, heartwarming stories, community events, and updates from the peeps here at Imgur HQ.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

*Spread the Love*

We kicked off the month on a positive note with the brand new Spread the Love event. Good vibes, encouraging memes, and feel-good stories filled our feeds and lifted our spirits. Thousands of Imgurians shared some of the things that made them smile, and millions more enjoyed them. Spread the Love will return as a permanent part of our event roster to keep the positivity coming in perpetuity.

Check out all of the uplifting content on the #SpreadtheLove tag

*A Day in the Life*

This month, the “A Day in the Life” event returned. Every year we give Imgurians from all walks of life the opportunity to share their stories. For years, the Imgur community has been fascinated with the routines of their peers. Hundreds of Imgurians detailed their days to the amusement of millions. From farmers and first responders to truckers and technicians, we got another fleeting glimpse into the everyday lives of others.

Take your own look into the lives of others on the #adayinthelife tag.

*Teacher Classroom Budget Things*

Teaching is a rewarding job, but with insufficient resources to educate without coming out of your own pocket for supplies, it can be challenging. After retaining some students and gaining even more, the need for supplies, decor, and new books was obvious for Imgurian @MadameRainbowPants.

Not expecting much help, she took to User Sub to ask for assistance in early August. The response would be much, much, more than expected. In a thankful update, MadameRainbowPants would show some of the donations received and detail her gratitude and disbelief. Great job, Imgurians.

Check out their most recent update here.

*Heartfelt Thank You to Imgur Photoshoppers*

Imgurian @stoots24 recently lost their mother, and their father wanted to display a specific image of her at the funeral. They decided to use a photo from her Senior Prom, but they couldn’t find the larger version of it.

Enter the Imgur community. @Stoots24 scanned the smaller picture and shared it to Imgur with a heartfelt request to restore it for use in a display. Imgurian @ScienceIsNotALiberalConspiracy added color and buffed out the scratches, and Imgurian @AnungUnRama87 removed the water damage. The community came out in force, with many putting their hats in the ring to help with photoshop and others simply offering their condolences.

Say a few kind words on her post.

*Pet Show*

The 2022 Imgur Pet Show had no shortage of cute content on display. Over 6,000 pets joined the fray for one of our largest turnouts ever! Compawtition was fierce as pets of all shapes and sizes duked it out snoot to snoot and paw to paw, with upvotes from Imgurians deciding who captured the crown in our five categories: Top Trick, Best Dressed, Most Photogenic, Weird and Wonderful, and Cutest Sound. Our judges have their work cut out for them to select the “Best in Show” submission. The winners will be announced soon!

Stop by #PetShow2022 and enjoy all the adorable animals.

*I Clean Mother Nature*

Imgurian @doxydad1 is a firm believer in taking care of our home. In a one-man mission, he has taken it upon himself to clean a specific stretch of roads for the last 20 years! Every year he fills 500+ bags with garbage and prides himself in the noticeable difference he makes. At 71 years old, he still goes out every day, but he’ll need a human replacement soon.

On top of the exercise and fulfillment this brings, it has a “metal detector effect” of finder’s keepers. From money to still sealed items, cleaning up nature can be advantageous. Keep up the great work, @doxydad1. You are a hero, and we hope you find your sidekick and replacement.

Leave a few words of encouragement on their post.

*According to Imgur*

Imgurian @Beattywill80 is back at it again with another community poll. This time, they wanted to know about our favorite movies. In a recent post, Imgurians were asked to comment the title of their favorites. Thousands of comments were left on this post, and there was a big enough sample size to break things down into genres. From this data, @Beattywill80 created a top 25 list in Fantasy, SciFi, Comedy, Drama, Action, and Horror.

Do you think your favorite films made the cut? See how things shook out here.

*Help me, Imgur. You’re my only hope*

Imgurian @skycrimes is celebrating their 8th anniversary soon, and they tasked the community with helping them celebrate it in the most unique and unlikeliest of ways. Skycrimes asked their fellow Imgurians to donate dirt from each state they visited on the way to their destination of Disney World. This couple hasn’t been able to travel much and has only taken the one vacation in their time together.

Unfortunately, they don’t have anything to remember this trip by, and that’s where the dirt comes in. Rather than collect cliche memorabilia, dirt from each state would commemorate their travels. Enthusiastic Imgurians took to the comments to offer their own soil and express their approval for this strange request.

See their full story and updates here.

*Bugs & Fixes Update*

You’ve made it to the end! Before you go, we’ll go over the currently known bugs on Imgur, and share updates on bug fixes we’ve made.

We have released app updates for both Android and iOS, if you haven’t yet updated, please do!

iOS v2022.10.0

– Introducing Card View! Upvote, share, control playback, and favorite directly from the feed for a more streamlined scrolling experience in User Submitted and Most Viral. To toggle this view, tap the image icon in the top right of the home screen.

– Resolved an issue that caused Card View to become the default on launch

Android v6.1.0

– Introducing Card View! Upvote, share, control playback, and favorite directly from the feed for a more streamlined scrolling experience in User Submitted and Most Viral. To toggle this view, tap the image icon in the top right of the home screen.

– Squashed a bug that caused posts to disappear when navigating back to the grid

– Resolved an issue in which tapping a post may open another post or posts appear with the wrong thumbnail in the grid. We are still seeing a few more instances of this, however, and we are investigating

– Resolved an issue that causes an error to display on profiles when viewing the “Posts” tab


– Revamped video consumption! When viewing a post that features video, these videos will only autoplay when they are in focus. Muted/unmuted settings will carry over between multiple videos in each post

A comprehensive list of known issues can be found on our help site.

If you ever experience something that doesn’t seem right, be it a bad ad or a bug, you can contact us here. Imgurians who report new bugs will earn the Bug Hunter and also receive a free month of Imgur Emerald!

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