I don’t even know where my horn is. – The Blogs

Victor and I are currently mentoring Hailey to prepare for her driving test and we have very different views on how to deal with intentionally aggressive dickholes on the road. Victor is all for conferring the honor on him because”otherwise how would they know they were stupid, But I explained that honking made them more angry and it’s much easier to just pull over next to them and point with concern behind your car, like maybe there’s a serial killer hiding in the bed of their trunk or a knife sticking out . out of their tires so they have to stop in a parking lot and spend time feeling dumb because they can’t figure out what non-existent thing I was pointing at and it slows them down so much that I don’t have to deal with them anymore and that probably forces them to drive a little more carefully for a while as they get paranoid that something is going to fall off their car and/or explode. Victor was speechless, but perhaps only because he was so impressed.

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