Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Happu Sneakily Spikes Beni’s Drink for File Theft

The episode begins with Happu visiting the school to meet Master Ji, seeking a favor. However, Master Ji refuses to oblige when Happu offers him a bribe to pass his kids in the exam. Happu feels insulted but manages to save the money he earned. Later, he shares his disappointment with his children, assuring them that he will not let his self-respect be compromised again. The kids express concern about their future, but Happu decides to change their school instead. The kids worry about losing a year but suggest alternative options like learning to sign or taking up odd jobs. Happu realizes he needs to take action.

At the police station, Happu seizes an opportunity when Manohar catches the brother-in-law of the school principal, who was involved in taking money for admissions. Happu instructs Manohar to lock him up and heads to meet him. The brother-in-law reveals that a lawyer named Beni Prasad possesses the file with proofs to help Happu’s kids pass the exam. Happu sees this as a stroke of luck and strikes a deal with him.

Back at home, Amma gifts Happu and Beni shirts for their friendship anniversary. Amma shares her plans to attend a jagrata, and the two friends wear the shirts before enjoying some drinks together. Happu cleverly spikes Beni’s drink with medicine, making him drowsy. Later that night, Happu reassures his awake and worried kids, explaining his plan to retrieve the file from Beni, which will secure their passing in the exam. The kids express their trust and promise to study diligently.

In an act of helplessness, Happu decides to steal the file. The episode builds anticipation as he ventures out on his mission.

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