Faltu 29th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Shanaya’s Decision to Assist Faltu

  • The episode starts with the auction commencing, leaving Shanaya bewildered about the situation.
  • Faltu informs Shanaya that their house is being auctioned and that Govind has found another house for them.
  • Shanaya panics and contacts Daima for assistance, but Daima informs her that Ruhaan is in an important meeting.
  • Janardhan expresses his distress over losing the house, while Govind remains hopeful and arranges for the shifting process.
  • Shanaya tries to reach Ruhaan but fails, and the owner refuses to rent them a house, leaving them homeless.
  • Dadi suggests loading their belongings into a tempo, while Faltu reveals they were unable to secure a new house.
  • Ayaan arrives and urges them to hurry, and Shanaya decides to go home against Faltu’s advice.
  • The family discusses alternative options, including requesting a grace period from the new owner and considering Rijula’s house.
  • Shanaya returns and decides to intervene by asking Ruhaan to stop the auction.
  • Faltu advises Shanaya to go home and communicate with Ruhaan, while Ayaan emphasizes the urgency of their situation.
  • Shanaya agrees and leaves, while Dadi expresses her disapproval of Shanaya’s involvement.
  • Sid and Tanu plan to reconcile and focus on their relationship, while Kanika objects but Sid decides to apologize to his family.
  • Faltu and Kinshuk comfort Dadi, and Sid’s mother, Sumitra, confronts him, expressing her disappointment.
  • Ayaan assures Faltu that Dadi is fine, and she worries about their situation.
  • The auction commences, and Shanaya desperately searches for Ruhaan, eventually finding him and urging him to save Faltu’s house.
  • In the precap, the auction continues, and Tanu also attempts to purchase the house, while Ruhaan makes a surprising move by buying the Mittal house.

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