Exciting Cast Additions in ‘Suhaagan’ as the Show Embarks on a 10-Year Time Jump

New Actors Join ‘Suhaagan’ Cast in an Exciting 10-Year Leap Twist”

Garima Kishnani, Anshula Dhawan, and Raghav Thakur have recently joined the cast of ‘Suhaagan,’ as the popular show takes a leap of 10 years. This transformation brings significant changes to the captivating story of Bindiya and Payal, two sisters who endure mistreatment while shouldering the burden of household chores for their extended family.

After the leap, the talented debutant Garima Kishnani takes on the role of 23-year-old Bindiya, while the beautiful Anshula Dhawan portrays 21-year-old Payal. Adding to the excitement, the narrative introduces a new character named Krishna, skillfully portrayed by Raghav Thakur. Krishna, a carefree 23-year-old with wealth, embarks on a journey devoid of responsibilities.

In a recent interview, Garima expressed her honor and enthusiasm about her television debut on COLORS, embodying the character of Bindiya. She finds Bindiya relatable, a kind-hearted individual who tirelessly supports her family, especially her sister. Anshula Dhawan also shared her excitement, embracing the role of Payal, a college-going girl with exceptional problem-solving skills.

Raghav Thakur discussed his character, Krishna, a young man who initially avoids the responsibilities of his family business. However, unforeseen circumstances lead him to marry Bindiya’s sister, Payal, ultimately altering their lives forever.

Stay tuned as ‘Suhaagan’ takes a remarkable leap, unraveling captivating twists and turns in the lives of these intriguing characters.

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