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Next week is Hailey’s last week of high school and I am mentally prepared and incredibly proud to announce that Hailey has been accepted to Texas State University, her first choice:

What will they do in college? Same thing everyone does, I guess… change your minors a million times and deal with the self-doubt of watching everyone pretend they know what they’re really doing while incognito Because I think it’s too much for college. In my mind, a degree is basically a way of showing your first employer that you have the ability to complete a long term project while making awesome mistakes and new friends.

I feel incredibly lucky that Hailey will be close enough to be back over the weekend and pick up some loose ends as well. A friend of mine said that when your kid graduates, it’s like being fired from the job that only you do. Now Started off being good and it totally is.

I’m a little scared because I still lived at home when I went to college so I never knew what it was like to live in a dorm or be away from home at such a young age and I don’t know how best to do this Is. Do I call every day? Do I let them call me whenever I want? Do I call them in the morning to make sure they didn’t forget to set their alarm or do I let them sleep in and suffer from dreams of missing classes for the rest of their lives? What do you need for the hostel? Do I encourage them to live in the same dorm with their sweetheart so they can support each other or a separate dorm so they don’t get distracted? How does college still work?

I know it’s time I need to start letting Hailey take the reigns and I know she’ll do well no matter what but it’s been so hard to figure out what my new role is. They’ll always be my kids but now they’re an older kid (probably a better phrase for it) and I’m not sure what I need to know. So I ask you, parents of older children… what have you learned? What should I know? What is the one thing that helped you the most in sending your child into the world? Is it superfluous to put GPS trackers in all their shoes and hide baby monitors in their dorm room? How many hobbies should I have so that I can’t constantly worry about them and instead celebrate how far we’ve all come?

All. Advice. Welcome.

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