Doosri Maa 29th May 2023 Written Episode: Recap, Highlights, and Insights

The episode unfolds with Kamini expressing her concern to Babu ji, emphasizing that they are unaware of the guy’s circumstances. She urges him to offer blessings if he is genuinely worried about him. Arvind speculates that the individual may have abandoned his family to pursue a life as a monk. Amma interjects, urging Arvind not to make such assumptions. Arvind questions the fate of the guy’s family once he embraces monasticism. Kamini questions Arvind’s worries, stating that people often become monks in search of inner peace. She asks if he personally knows any monk’s family. Arvind shares his knowledge, revealing that he learned in Haridwar that Bhaiyya, their acquaintance, desired to become a monk. Arvind describes Bhaiyya as a resolute person who has chosen to evade his responsibilities in pursuit of a monastic life. He firmly asserts that Bhaiyya will sever all ties with their family. Kamini, aware that only an hour remains, ponders the impending situation.

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